Wake Up

Finn came to Mariah with a dream

One of Mariah’s friends, Finn, thought of her when he had a dream and he came past her house hoping to find her outside and when he saw her through the hedge he exclaimed in the distance “I am so glad to see you as I have a dream and you are going to be very pleased to hear it.” Mariah was sitting out on the cold morning, one of the last of the Spring, and was eating up a large basin of greens she had collected in the hedge earlier. Eating the greens was always tedious to her and she would not be eating them unless Druid Bernie encouraged her to be eating every thing green to  take advantage of the massive influx of Spring energies that comes with the Vernal Equinox. To step into those massive streams of life, love and peace was to intention and a green gut was a good idea. 

Mariah has eaten a lot of greens

She waved Finn over and he said that he dreamed that he was asleep in his bed, near the edge where he usually sleeps. That way it is easy to get out of the bed in the morning.  He had a dream of his friend and he is very gently shaking him awake and saying to him, “Wake up.” It was a lovely blessed feeling and it inspired him to get up and walk across the town land to tell him the dream. He was a truly gentle soul and was always concerned for others. Finn was so anxious to hold on to the dream, so he did the walking, as a way to remember this gift from inside. 

He had little gold and felt homeless

Mariah was indeed very happy to hear this dream. She tried to say as little as possible and let Finn talk. He said he was having a hard time staying motivated as the winter came to a close and he thought the dream was telling him to wake up and get busy again. Mariah mentioned the spiritual implication of this archetype from within him coming to him, giving him a feeling that everything was ok, very gently shaking him, his face very close to his own. It almost brought tears to his eyes and he swallowed a time or two as he talked. He said he likes to read holy books and be inspired through this meditation and reading. He said that is hard for him now but hard prayers are supposed to be the best prayers. This was very important to him. 

Finn was no longer gainfully employed by the dwarves

The sun was gathering a little heat as he stood there a few feet from her. From that story telling place he told her of several things that he felt were connected to his dream. As he walked in the village, a door opened and two chickens walked out with a cat walking alongside the chickens. He spoke to the person that accompanied them and thought about the lion lying down with the lamb, the cat with the chickens. He found this funny, a kind of alternative reality, like his own, where the dwarves no longer gainfully employed him. Finn was getting older, and he considered his retirement and his natural death eventually. 


The next association he had was to his grandmother, who he never met, who was his father’s mother. They were poor indeed, with no pots. When his grandmother had seven children, their place burned down and the family moved in to a fine chicken coop, which was left standing. His father had apprenticed with the dwarves and he was a carpenter. After that burning he took one look at the chicken house and quickly put in some lofts covered with straw for bedding, make a kitchen table and corralled the chickens in a third of the space. 

The horns of fire

The hens wondered what was happening but went on laying and providing for the family. The whole family was very pleased to be safe and he could feel his grandmother smiling at him down through the years, imagining that beautiful smile from almost one hundred years earlier. She gave him the feeling that all was well even if the chicken coop was the place of abode, even if he was feeling depressed and had not got gold to call his own. Her smile was like gold to him and he knew it was the inheritance he would give to his granddaughter, a gift from within. 

The chicken coop became the house

Mariah had the best laugh about the chicken stories. She remembered her childhood with her father, on a horse, with the chickens in the laneway in front of them. Those birds were considered very stupid, as they would fly ahead of the horse, never budging from the center of the lane, trying to avoid being trampled. Eventfully they skirted into the hedge, with much squawking, as her father put the horse into full gallop. He enjoyed this little bit of fun at the hen’s expense. Her mother did not like it, as eggs might dry up for a day or two, as the hens soothed down their rustled up feathers. 

Her father running the chickens down -her mother said the devil got into him.

Mariah remembered a dream of a hen near her door. The hen had a number of eggs hatching in her nest and the hen had come to pick up some food thrown out the door for the hens. The hen kept an ear for her nest, ready to fly back at any inkling of danger to her eggs. Mariah’s mother said that Mariah’s dream was about keeping one ear listening for the spirit even as we go about our business. 

The greens were eaten, the laughing was over and Mariah went indoors to get busy with her chores and to keep her ear tuned for the spirit in everything. The end. 

Rose had a dream, that she found on an leaflet, dated to April 2018. It went as follows; I dream that a woman dressed in green says something I do not catch and when I ask her she makes a point of not repeating herself and when I pursue it after the fact of the dream I see that from her hand comes color, clouds of blue and indigo and violet. This beautiful dream is pointing to the possibility of the healing light that can come through the hand chakra, if only we use it in that way. Love from Rose. 



Psychology Today -Rose Longworth, Harrisonburg, Virginia.

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