Instructions for Getting Started with Dreams.

I wrote the above at the time last year when I did a workshop with students in the Counseling Programs at Eastern Memmonite University.

Rose Longworth Counseling

photo 5-9Instructions for Getting Started With the Dreams.

Do You Want to Get focused on your dreams. Are you someone who never had a dream or they are a bit fuzzy? Do the following activities to stimulate the recall of a dream or to increase recall of dreams.

  1. Write three times on a piece of paper before going to bed “I am remembering a dream tonight” Repeat verbally three times to your self, the above statement. Put the paper under the pillow. (The unconscious will be attracted by your efforts and may give you a dream as a ‘thank you.’)
  2. Place a pen, piece of paper(dream journal) and access to light(phone light, flashlight or lamp) and put the pen and paper near your head on your bed side table.
  3. Write on that piece of paper, near you head, beside your bed, “I will wake up in the night and put my dream…

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