Oh the Value of a Doggy Dream

Marvelous mandala

Mariah decided that she was going to charge a gold piece for work with each dream that she was asked to interpret. The Druid Bernie said she could make her own choices about such things and it did not concern him. He noted that she did so many dreams for free that it would be a wonder if she ever got paid in gold for working with people, pulling the dreams apart and pulling a meaning from them. She found that when she charged less that her work was not valued. “If they do not value my work they should not be working with me” she said a little too loud. Very soon she might be idle, the Druid remarked, doing so much for free and then charging too much.

Druid Bernie looking benign

She always wanted her dreamers to come back with the follow-up dreams so she could see how dream images were morphing, make necessary corrections and interpret the follow-up help offered through the dreams. However, when the person with the dreams got a glimpse of their shadow, which sometimes is in charge of them, they hastily make up excuses, find it is too expensive, or say they are only useless dreams, and Mariah has to reset her focus away to the next possibility.

Image from the dream

She herself went through her own excuses, when she brought her dreams to her mentor many years before. She often conveniently forgot her appointments, forgot her dreams, lost her way just getting there, or tried to avoid any meaningful talk. When her shadow saw what was involved, she tried to make a hasty retreat. She would go into all four corners of the room to avoid the center, preferring to stay with praying to the frozen alter of the north, where she was before she ever looked into her dreams.

It takes some work to find a home for the dreams

Druid Bernie noted that intuition was involved with dreams and that the interpretation was from God if it was done right. He said that it was important for Mariah to pray each morning and to particularly ask for guidance and healing for the person, carrying the dreams to her. At such times she had to keep saying to herself “silence” in order to make that connection with the Spirit. Having the courage to say what, was needed to be said, to the dreamer was also a strength she would need to have.

This is a sweet dog I met at Avalon Farm near Broadway, Virginia.

Mariah was given a recent dream on the night of the new moon and it seemed such a mystery. The dreamer felt something bad was going to come through the door (in her dream) and she was right.  A strange shaped bulldog looking guilty, as if he had done something wrong, came through. Then the dreamer’s female dog, called Dixon, came through the door, a dog that is identified as the dreamer’s protector. Dixon’s head was cut to such an extent that it fell off right in front of the dreamer. The bulldog was the guilty party. There was a knife involved, as the head had been cut clean. Mariah was interested in the knife but did not crack open the dream in the moment. However, during the night after 2.00 am she had some insight about the dream.

A little reflection is always a good thing. Photo by Miriam McNamara

Mariah wondered if the dreamer would value such insight, if Mariah was to say it was about a shadow side of her that causes trouble in her life. Would the dreamer pull away from this spiritual work under the guise that her life is too busy for such things. Mariah would love to continue the conversation with her but has to bide her time.

A little disconnect here in relationship

When Mariah was working through her dreams, her mentor would have no trouble saying to Mariah, “the shadow is up” and go on to pull out into truth how Mariah was blind to how she was letting her negative emotions enter her marriage and how it affected her children. Mariah ran into all kinds of relationship problems because of her shadow side, her unruly emotions, and most of the time, even with the dream interventions, which made her think twice about her attitude, it was never long before business as usual would continue on with Mariah.

The Dad

She held on to the idea that she was totally right, an inheritance she had from her Father’s side of the family. He always though he was right except one time when he was older and he was trying to dose a calf, and the calf refused to be dosed.  Her father almost shoved the dosing implement down the calf’s neck. He remarked, as he got his way, “I spent my whole life trying to get the better of my temper.” Mariah stood beside him, as many times before, unable to do a thing as the whole episode unfolded.

Dancing in delight

Mariah had a dream about holding the hand of a young girl. She wanted her to be delighted, to start dancing, as she saw their image in a mirror. Her dream group helped her see that this same childish delight is what she needs in her work and she does have this except when she is brooding about payment and gold.Now she will stay in delight and work beauty into what ever comes her way, in the way of dreams. The end.

The neighbors are settling in a new dog

A new dog has moved in nearby and Rose hears its sharp squeaky violin barks and its fox like yipping, when she sits out in the morning. It goes away maybe after an hour, but not before Rose’s shadow gets up. She realizes that she needs to move when she hears it, out of the house or into a place where she does not hear it so sharply. Sitting there, as the squeals find a home in her body is not a great idea. Moving away from what bothers her is better until she can get a handle, confront, let go of her emotional reactions to the poor dog, upset that he has been caged alone for the day.

The tree behind my head had seven big trunks.

Like my blog if you do, and comments are always very welcome, and keep an eye on those dreams for news of the shadow. It is always better to know what that part of us is up to so that we will not be surprised when something untoward happens, some big surprise or accident. Sending out love and prayers to you this day. Love from Rose. 

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