Tibetan Buddha Journey

I got that feeling in the middle of the night that I should go to see the Tibetan Buddha exhibit in the Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond and I was glad I went there. It was the last weekend it would be up.

You have to get past the guardians to get into the squares the are represented in the center.

During my meditation on that night when I decided to go to see the exhibit, I had the feeling that I was coming to a gate, a place where there were two guardians.There were fierce guardians on the side of right. I was not afraid as I felt my hand was held as I went in there.

The exhibit was all about the spiritual journey and I could correlate the writings which accompanied every statue or ritual object to the psychoanalytic and to christian symbolism

Many people recite the “Om Mani Padme Hum” prayer saying as many as they can as fast as they can, to let the psyche know it wants purification.

There was the ritual pot of water to wash the initiates head to help him be collected, let go of the things of the world, Maya, and focus with more ease inwardly. It reminded me of Baptism. They use the bones of a scull as part of the pot.

For ritual cleansing

There were various depictions for the symbol of uniting the opposites. uniting male and female. These are a few.

Above right – also referencing the shadow side needing some attention.

I was not certain and did not linger enough to figure out all the symbology. I thought it would speak to my unconscious and would cleanse me somehow just by seeing it. The real work I do is sitting in meditation. This visit encourages me to continue with my journey. My learning comes from within. Perhaps I had a past life in Tibet.

Many Arms and Legs – Some images are beyond words.

Visualization is important in dream work, creativity and in meditation.

This (above) was the original image that got me interested in the exhibit. On her right hand is a string of crystals, representing the Christ light for me, and the lovely lotus in the left hand. Where the heart is, is the image of the hind, an animal that is so swift and able to jump so high, he is able to bridge the gap from the heart chakra to the higher dimension above where God resides.

There were some references to mandala symbolism. The mandalas here are to help the initiate concentrate. It is required to construct the whole mandala from start to finish and deconstruct after he/she gets into the center. It would take a lot of time and practice. These are a few of the mandalas:

As we left the exhibit, we were presented with a big mirror, in which to see ourselves go by. This week I was presented with a dream from a man in which he was looking in a mirror and could not quiet see, but felt it was another part of himself. Wanted him to use some imagination to get some information from this piece of wisdom from the unconscious. He said he would dwell on it when he had some down time. We will come back to it next time we meet.

It is easy to sign up for my blog so that you get an email each time I publish. Likes and comments are appreciated. Happy meditation. It is always a good thing to invest in, that which you actually take with you to the other side , unlike the filthy lucre. Love from Rose.

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