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Candlelight in the meditation room at my house.

I am pleased to be home again in my house, on the night of a fairly full moon, and awake at 4.30am. After travelling, I am on Grecian time and fully awake.  It is a morning to meditate as the long return journey got in the way of my daily practices.

This morning, after completing some breath of fire, I stretched and chanted “Ick Ong Karr” (The one creator created all) and then followed my old way of meditating starting with the Our Father and ending with The Lord is my Shepherd, trying to interweaves myself together in the in-between, to bring peace within, no longer a stranger or a guest but a child at home. 

I struggle with placing myself on my deck so that I can face the moon and still not be seen from the nearby house and the street that runs along the side of the house. After a few shifts I settle on lying on my back and placing my face such that the moon is on my face and both my eyes. 

A little blueness from the picture got under my hat when I closed my eyes in the monastery

I take time to look up at the stars, and I see Pleiades in the circle of a loosely holding cloud spiral, open in the center. Orion’s belt is coming over the house. There is blueness around the moon similar to the blue in the painting in the monastery in Crete, of the Ascension of Mary, created by one who was in a religious ecstasy. 

This is how the picture showed up in my camera.

Recently a friend told me that she is meditating seriously and does not let herself go all over the place in her thoughts. She meditates twenty minutes morning and evening. I tried to do the same this morning and while I did some sliding, my intentions and breath brought me back to my center. 

Another friend said he takes twenty minutes in monkey mind, the next twenty minutes is settling down and the final twenty minutes of his hour is in meditation. 

I thought why not skip to the last twenty minutes but I go through a process too. 

I said the prayer of centering me in “Thou art my dwelling place…” letting go of the places where I felt left out or snubbed, the places of planning etc. It brought me out of my peevish thinking into the way that I may know the glory of this connection with Thou. The expansion in the chest is promised to us, when we know the way,  follow the way. 

In meditation I was drawn back to a mandala, where colors radiated out from the center and as that image flashed in my mind I felt my own head and a certain radiation out each side as I sat between the moon and the sun. The moon was going down and the sun was coming up. The image of Great light streaming over the side of our earth came back to me from a recent dream.


The moon is seen through a cloud haze at 4 am but the haze lifts and it is easy to see it in its startling brightness against the ever-changing blues, sometimes midnight blue, sometimes royal, sometimes Virgin Mary Blue as the sky lightens toward dawn. 

Lots of beauty in Greece especially the blues. Fellow travellers to the left .

I send out this risen energy to all with whom I work, to my extended family, to my readers, my fellow travellers and to people I experience as difficult. There is usually a daily slew of such tiny tiny problems, as well as past problems with others. Then I am finished and open my eyes as I say the Lord is my Shepherd, sometimes singing, sometimes quietly saying. I feel very thankful, at that moment, usually smiling broadly as I finish up. I always know what to do next when I step away from my meditations. 

I had been mulling over how Jesus is connected, how I can make use of him, as I was brought up with this whole concept “to God through Jesus.” As my mediation becomes more embodied, I realize that Jesus represents the heart chakra and the connection with that Thou, comes down and gives a feeling of light and lightness in the heart chakra area, the center of which is in the center of the ark between the nipples. It is shaped like the heart as in the valentine’s hearts. It is Love and can be sent out with intention to others.

Heart images

When I meditated many years ago, maybe twenty, I had a visceral sense of this heart chakra being there in the cavity of the lungs and heart but having its own shape. At the time it was as if a balloon blew up in my chest that was heart shaped and I could see inwardly, as I had my eyes closed, that it was on fire. It lasted seconds and never came again to me in this way. 

Watercolors from Greece

When we are given something like that, it is best to be thankful for the awareness it brings. I do not sit around trying to repeat the situation. 

When my mother had her Kundalini experience, she went back to the same place to catch it again but she soon realized that the experience informed her life but was not something she could manipulate. 

I got some lovely dreams when on vacation solicited from English speaking workers taking care of our needs. 

I was given an image in Crete from a young woman who was very busy managing a few hotels. She said the monster crocodile was chasing her cat and injuring it. She thought that this was about the fact she has no time off and her husband, who was a chef, was busy fourteen hours a day for two months straight, the high season in Crete. 

She wanted just one day off with her man.

When I asked her what she would want to do as a result of this dream she replied, “to have one day off together.” She would have to think about how to do this, so that her crocodile business self did not eat up completely what was feminine in her as represented by the cat. 

Please share if you like, life if you do, comment if you wish. You can sign up for an email to come to you everytime I post a blog. I always love your comments and I am getting into more of a rhythm of praying for my readers. May all Love surround you. Love from Rose. 

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