The Cats in the Dreams

Evening sky over Mole Hill

I am in a big snit about a cat that is frequenting my front porch and is possibly ill and is putting his excretions all over where I like to sit. My washing machine is busy this morning trying to get rid of the smells. I am down to the cushions and I am not free and clear yet. I think it is the white cat that is limping, injured, young, male, fighting, ferial and hard to catch.

Mandala Art work by a Friend

I feel my father’s irritation coming to me, from years ago, with a cat, who had the nerve to eat some newly arrived ducklings to the farm. 

My father’s cruelty to the cat came back to me, as a dream, when that cat was in the walls of my house, warning me not to be cruel to my children. 

Mandala – self portrait of sorts.

I take this current event with the stinky cat, as a sort of a happening, a bad dream I have to deal with. A need for more respect for the feminine, the body. 

Another face by Rose – a little sharp and sad

Recently, I had a dream of two cats. One is on the couch, sitting on one of the arms of the sofa, in my addition, to the back of the house. It is sleek and shiny, black but no identifying face that I saw. I look askance from the side and feel the feeling of being afraid of this headless thing. I want this fearful thing out. In reality I am usually afraid to lift up a strange cat in case it will bite or scratch. The animal is snug and smug. 

A little snug, a little smug.

The second cat is trying to come in the door and it is a normal calico colored cat. There is a chance I will catch its foot in the door if I am not careful. I do not want to hurt this cat. 

The cats are in my psyche. There are difficult energies coming from the black one on the couch. I have to recognize this attitude and emotion coming from me in my life.  The attitude that I cannot get this black blob out side of me and the emotion of being afraid. 


I am reminded of Golem and Frodo as they get into a confrontation in a narrow underground space. Frodo pulls himself up and thinks of all his friends. Frodo is invisible to the evil Golem, and he gets his courage over his fear and his attitude completely changes and he runs like crazy past the Golem character and escapes. Golom had no chance of catching this ball of energy. I was so impressed with this piece of writing. I heard it on a tape in my car  from “Lord of the Rings,” as I travelled eight hours to Ashville from the eastern shore. 

Getting past Golem inside can be hard.

When I thought of the situation this might refer to I was able to put my fears away and greet what was coming through the door. I had to first recognize that the unconscious was showing me an unhelpful attitude I was keeping and which I needed to change. A marvelous connection could be made with this better attitude. The stranger was welcomed. I had something to give and could give with out the wrong interrogation, the wrong thoughts, the fears. 

One of those earrings was left in Greece also.

I got back to being a servant to a situation that intimidated me greatly.

I have been letting the follow up dreams get away from me. Do not do this as they are the core parts of you, your strangers, you need to welcome into your arena, to be danced with, thrown out, welcomed and loved and served as needed.

On the walls in Crete – I was dressed for the water in case I happened on a holy well or the sea.

I keep the situation nebulous in this blog so you can apply it to your attitudes and emotions and pull out what will serve you, your people, your community and the worlds. No need to wring your hands. No need to say dreams are a mishmash of the day. They are a fabulous something, like a full moon waiting to put that pearly substance on you so that you are very fair and reflective to look at, so your face can soften in the right attitude, so you can have the emotions of love. 

Autumn Sky above on Mole Hill

Think of the dream as a giving you truthful material appropriate to your inner life. Dreams are products of the unconscious manifesting in consciousness as images or symbols. This is the best possible expression of something that is unknown to you up to now. When you say you see what the dream means immediately then I have to wonder. Behind the image, which is objective, and visible, is a more profound meaning charged with energy. 

The guide that told the story of the bees.

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Love from Rose.

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