A Positive Soul Woman

Sunday Morning Water Color

I got the following dream from a friend to share. He was able to say it to me verbatim before he ever wrote it down.

Having fun with oil pastels and oil on heavy paper at the black face of the coal for the client.

My mother said that when she was in her thirties she had a dream of an angel coming to her with a scrool, on which was written what she needed to do for the rest of her life. By the time she was telling me about it she had let it drop away from her but she may have been strongly influenced by it none the less.

Angel of the morning in a mandala circle

The Dream:


“I am sitting in a circle in a small group. The lighting is soft, subtle, soothing. There are about 8 in the group. Our facilitator is a wise, calm, centered woman … listens well and is very inspiring. We are gathered with the purpose of spiritual and personal growth. As the session ends, I sit next to her as others get up and leave the circle. We sit silently for a period. She turns to me and says, “I have something very important to tell you, very important. Life is about choices. As you see two paths before you, notice that each one has assets and liabilities, joys and sorrows, struggles and opportunities, doors difficult to open and doors wide open, light and darkness.

Evening on Mole Hill where I sat painting for a few hours in the sunshine.
The view from this path was stunning toward the mountains.

Ponder each path. Look carefully at the dynamics present in each one, pluses, and minuses. Now look inside yourself and examine how and why you look at each path as you do; how you discern, what you are drawn to and what you wish to avoid. Now, as you choose one path, be fully aware that Spirit will be with you to guide you to wholeness.” She slowly turns in her chair, rises and walks slowly away. I sit there stunned, flooded with gratitude, fresh insight, anticipation and anxiety. I am silent for a long time.”
You have my permission to share this on your blog. The end.

An evening meditation on Mole Hill, where there is a pull off with trees overhead, and a view east west with the road.

The first archetype that can appears in men’s dreams is Eve with her instinct and biological relations. Helen of Troy is a depiction of the second archetype, where she inspires a war. Emotions and feelings are up and going with this one. The third archetype is Virgin Mary which raises love to a spiritual level and the last one, the wisdom one, is depicted by the wise Mona Lisa, or the Shulamite woman of the Song of Solomon in the Bible, where there is an embodiment of the spirit and love into the physical body.

Dreams have to be treated to some imagination as in active imagination – which brings in the light.

It will be important for the dreamer to identify what he will do as a result of this dream. The ending of his dream is full of feeling words; stunned, anxious and grateful. He will need to take seriously the feelings, moods, fantasies and expectations sent by his anima figure above. When he works slowly and patiently with this material, his next dreams will bring up material from a deeper level of the unconscious that connects with the earlier material.

From my imagination to yours.

What he decides to do has to be evaluated ethically, and intellectually. The anima wisdom figure above is encouraging him to “look inside and examine” What he is “drawn” to: what “to avoid.” The dream does not do the work for him, which has to be done on a conscious level.

I work from the heart and hope there is a window of light flowing through to help with interpretation.

I think that the work he does should be undertaken with another who has some skill with dreams, to looks at dreams as the way to unfold in his true form, no longer regarding dreams as “only a fantasy” but taken seriously as the way to be in touch with the soul, the anima. It is what I love to do best.

Surely we were looking up over the Monastery in Crete for the window from heaven that is pouring down a blessing that there is not room enough to receive. Siri Amrita is on right- leader of our retreat.

Sign up for my blog on this site. Hope you keep your spiritual work alive and well with dreams, prayer and meditation, not to forget keeping your self exercised and watered. All things work together for those who love the Lord. Love from Rose.

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