I Am Sending You Light

I came across a second hand book called Atlantis, which was written by Edgar Cayce’s son, Edgar Evan Cayce. The message for me in that book is that the divisions between two factions, was so great, that it ended up in the continent sinking, about 10,000 years ago. 

An art piece commissioned for the Met – not Atlantis

Cayce was fond of saying that the same people are here on the earth again to face what they did not face them, to find a way to get past the two factions and become one in an united country. Both sides think they are right, and that it gives them leave to soundly hate the other. 

In New York, I visited with my sister’s friends and solicited dreams and talked about other spiritual stuff. One group had strong Irish connections and dreams of returning to Ireland. One woman said she had a great connection to the spiritual through attending “latin” mass daily. 

Myself and the sister in New York

Often, in the middle of eating the food, people want to pound on their least favorite political person, even if they have a wonderful spiritual connection, through their spiritual practice. As we were eating lunch, I took up a piece of fair colored white loaf from the basket and placed it on the table and said that was their favorite person to badmouth. “Well how should I deal with that person.” she asked. 

I am sending you light.

I said that she should go to her mass(or what ever spiritual practice you have) and when she feels she has raised the energy, fallen into the stream of love and peace, she would send that light energy to surround that person and that is a way to love your enemy, probably the only way forward. 

Children of the Law of One versus the Sons of Belial

I have always had this practice for the last fifty years, when I first learned about meditation (Edgar Cayce style). I routinely prayed for the “Leaders of Nations.” I have some favorite leaders but scatter the light at them all at this time. 

His headdress is composed of seven heads – at the Met

This act of surrounding a person with the light is different from sending the light directly to them. If a person has asked you for this support you can do that but if you are just concerned about a person, some one caught in substance abuse, for instance, then you can surround them with the light. 

Could be caught up in something

I had occasion to interact with someone whose alcohol level was high and I had to act gingerly with him.  He might be some one I would surround with the light.  The idea is that when you surround your political person or the person close to you with the light, it is like a light that shows them up and then others, that can help them, or need to see them aright will see them. You let go of your own judgments and let the light do the work for you. Cayce likened it to a car, under a street lamp. That light sent out protects you too.  

The train coming around the corner at full speed and putting the brakes on made the platform shake under my feet – I love trains.

So after my visit to the Big Apple, I had a nightmare dream complete with a horse, who is determined to run me down. I see the big cedar tree of my childhood and run toward that but I am too far away to make it on time. As I hear the thundering hooves, I turn and put up my arm against the horse and then the horse veers off to one side. 

Cattle seldom wish to enter a pen voluntarily

Something similar happened when I was a child and was charged with getting the large steers to go in a certain direction.  Shouting and waving arms was encouraged, even if it did not always work. The whole family was expected to play the game of getting the steers into a pen; something the leader of the pack was not so keen on. The animals were full of energy, grazing on green grass and with a river at the far end for water. They seemed to always love getting away from us and galloping all the way down to the river. We usually were successful the second time around with them. 

Horse complete with short legs and spinning mandala on flank, human hair on his head and tail and short legs.

In my dream the chasing by the horse happened a few times and I woke up to this. The added complication to this is that when I first saw this horse it had very short legs but had normal legs when it was chasing me. 

This could be a unicorn, as it has a form on its head – those kids were creative.

There is a paper horse at my house that was made by one of my daughters when they were pretty young. I was too busy to be helpful, so when the horses were done, the legs on them were very short. The younger child cried that it did not look like a horse at all. I said it was a fine horse and the tears were dried. 

Invoking protection is always a good idea.

Horses appear in Revelation and they are connected to the four lower chakras per Edgar Cayce interpretations. However if they are not normal horses, have queer legs, look semi human in some way, they are difficult energies from the unconscious. The dream makes me be more careful with my prayers of protection especially when dealing with someone who is over the legal limit by two times. The dream caused me to use mantra to help clear out my energies so such a horse cannot get to me. Turning and facing my own unconscious energies and myself is always a good thing. 

Another beautiful day in the Burg here, sunshine and close to 60 degrees.  It is great to sit out, do some Qigong with Elizabeth Scott on my front porch and continue on now with completing this blog. I got one message from the street while I wrote; 

Art from a station in Brooklyn – with evening sun shining through

Two girls walking by, one saying “But he is definitely shooting himself in the foot.” They were the only words that came into my ears from them, having a little reference to my dream through the feet. Love from Rose.

Ps: You can sign up for my blog if you like such writings. I look forward to your comments etc. Thanks for reading. I promise to always pray for my readers and I sometimes do. 

A windy snowy wintery day a few weeks ago. – We are have better than average weather this month.

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