Our Own Prayer Wheels

Silver Lake and the Prayer Wheel.

From the dream world

I went to Silver Lake again to hear the falling of water, dropping down ten feet and not touching anything on its way to hear the splash at the bottom. It is where the water is diverted away from the wheel.

That mill wheel reminds me of the huge prayer wheels in Tibet. Maybe the owner of the mill wheel will see fit to put it back in order, not to grind the gains but to remind us of the prayer wheels in our selves that need to be sent to turning again, and by turning, turning we come around right.

In Tibet those wooden wheels make a huge noise and could be pushed easily enough by me as I circled them and prayed. I took time out to go around and around, the girth of which was probably twenty feet each or more. Two were set side by side. I can still see and feel the place now easily. There were lots of red and gold colors there. Gods and Goddesses were set in the corners. The temple housed the wheels. The doors and the gates were open.

This image was on display in Richmond Gallery

Let me be a Servant Too.Being a servant is what makes things sacred. In meditation you can make that commitment. Then everything can be approached with this nod to being a servant to God. Relationships with everyone will bend to this commitment. You may have to accept what comes you way, knowing you are a servant wherever you find yourself. Relationship with that special other person puts you in the position of being a servant to the soul of the other person, bringing out the best through attitudes and activities.

At the Spa

I went to the Korean Spa with three younger women to celebrate Chinese New Year and a birthday. We had a lovely time going in and out of the cold and hot offerings.

I liked the hot rooms followed by the icy room at forty degrees, and I liked the steam room and or the sauna followed by the 60-degree cold tub.  

The hot rooms had such names as charcoal room, amethyst room, clay ball room, etc. These rooms ranged in temperature from 120 degrees to 168 degrees. These treatments have a way of reducing inflammation and pain and I appreciates the rest and break this kind of activity affords my body.

There is a lovely echo in the steam room and I sang a chant and the three girls did harmonies. They left too soon, saying they were too hot, and I was happy for the connection to heaven there in the misty room, however brief.

Chanting and Enchanted

I have been singing to my hearts content. I am playing with the singing to “Our Father” except I have changed it to “My Father” and tacked on the phrase “from where I come from.” It makes the foundation from where I come more personal. I am addressing that “I am” from where I have my original origins, both outside and inside of me. This centers me in my efforts to be pulled into my spiritual place, to be kept in the Way, to get to ride the streams of love and light that are there for the taking, as I find my way.

Bone Dreaming and Breathing

It was the fifth anniversary of the death of my youngest sister Mary last month. I got some of her cds and one of them was about bone breathing. It was strange to listen to this cd that she must have listened to a lot, as it is worn in places. The voice of the person speaking in English in a heavy accent has you breath into your bones, expand them and let them float and drop them. No bones in the body were spared. It was very relaxing. However I had to shake off the association to my sister who died from cancer, the nasty type that grew into her brain. My irrational fears receded as I went deeper and I know Mary is where she is supposed to be.

News from Harrisonburg: I was thankful to see a murder of crows on Saturday. They flew over as I was writing on the porch. When they wheeled over again I jumped up and glimpsed the majestic hawk among them. I knew there was murder on the crows’ minds from the sounds they were making. I take my entertainment where I can these days. 

Other News from Harrisonburg: The corner house across from me runs high with party time through the weekend. Two big vehicles let a number of young men and a girl out to go into the house. The girl, dressed in blue jeans and high heels and with thick blonde falling hair, decided to stand in the center of Sterling Street, facing the oncoming cars and yells “Run me over.” Her arms were outstretched and she looked so well put together. A cautious driver slowed to a stop. And then she let him go. I hope she is not run over in any way. 

Parcels on the Porch. I had an unexpected parcel on the porch addressed to someone else. I see a telephone number and call. It is the mother of one of the boys living in the frat house across the road. She was sending her son something from Apple. The box was very light, as I had been shaking this to see what I could not see. She said she had also sent a box of food to him. When her son came to collect that first box, he was so young looking. Later I laughed to myself as I now have the telephone number of a mother of one of the boys across the road on my phone. I said hello to the boy and he gave me a sheepish look. I may know a little too much about him for his liking. 

She was a little rowdy on the street

Birthday. I had some texts from my lovely grown children today, ahead of the actual birthday. I have a massage and a Kundalini Yoga Class scheduled as well as some Meditation in a group in the morning. I went to eat out in the evening with some special friends who included me in there celebrations. 

May the next year of our lives be filled with intuitions from creative helpful dreams that flow to us like the water in the Virginia Streams, not just carrying the water, not just carrying the Life in the water but also carrying the Water of Life to us. Love from Rose.

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