Stop Squirreling Around

The squirrels have invaded the space above my porch and there is sometimes constant chewing and activity up there. So here I am with my hands joined at the chest, with five pounds of pressure between them and my thumbs pushing into my sternum and the noise above starts up.

I hold my prayer pose, but my meditation is hijacked and my mind jumps. Letting go of the constant movement, two baby squirrels playing, or chewing was a challenge.

I thought of Vicks, because a sales rep at the CSB once told me that squirrels do not like that cool smell on them. I was having a little trouble some years ago also, asking everyone and anyone what to do with them. There are squirrels in Ireland in the cities I think, but were not on our farm.

So I reset myself, which involved saying the squirrels are there to help me see what I do with my thoughts. I pulled back my projections and saw the seeds of all hassle with squirrels. I noticed these thoughts sit on top of all my father’s energies relating to animals that got out of line in his book. He could be a bit severe.   

I asked God for some help. I then realized that the problem is not with the squirrels but with my roof that needs attention. As soon as I saw the squirrel pulling at that piece of tin that prevented him getting in there, I should have gotten help and that was some weeks ago. 

Poking the ceiling under the squirrels at play above my head ultimately did not help anything. Poking at my own thoughts, and pulling them up for the weeds that they are is the only thing that helped. My thoughts cause stress and tension and an avoidance of seeking help for the squirrel problem. 

Where it goes from here I do not know. As I came down the stairs to greet the day, I thought of another person I trust. We have spoken about dreams in the past as he completed work at my house. 

He had a number of squirrel stories to tell me of his son’s house and it is not a pretty tale of squirrels breaking back in after they were thrown out and a battle to keep them out. 

I guess I will have to ask for more help in prayer and meditation for this to be resolved in a good and timely way so that all manner of things can be well, even squirrels. 

I continue to try and bless instead of having an attitude of grumbling. There is little I can control except my attitude. Keeping worry and anxiety out of my head about this situation even as it is being resolved is the challenge. I cannot expect my sensitive stomach to be in the vagus mode, quietly digesting and being creative with what I am eating, if I slip into the fight the squirrels’ mode. 


The other mountain coming into my horizon is the mountain of God. How do I really ask for help. The promise is that my leg and hip pain issues can be helped by God. The holy Spirit works in the heart chakra with groanings. All these years I have been asking and I have described the ups and downs of such struggles. At present I feel I am simmering on top of this possibility.

I have slipped into doing Aquarian Sadna in the night and toward the morning, whenever I wake up. I usually have had a good chunk of sleep by 2 or 4 in the morning. I do not set an alarm but once I wake I know what I will do next. 

White Iris that came with my house

I surround myself with the protection prayer and then chant the various chants for anything from 5 to 22 minutes, as recommended. The time flies by.  I might do some of the recommended exercises for my back during this time (I mostly did pelvic tilts last night) or just put my hands in prayer pose.

From a dream about a mirror – trying to break out of the box.

I am listening for intuition during this time. I have come to love these chants and for the way they make me feel. When I stop I feel the expansiveness in my chest, my worried forehead is smooth again, I can feel energy moving in my body that I usually do not feel. 

From the dream about my soul

There is one chant I struggle with, while I know the others for some time. Sometimes I will try and remember it trying to see the words without help and sometimes I will put on the flashlight and look at the words. Either way it is a journey, which leaves me in peace by the end.  

Afterwards I notice I can have some dreams and I think I had a dream of my soul.

I had spoken to my friend the day before and he said the Hopi Indians said that the times are here for God to open the door in the top of the head. (He had a dream that included the image of working on the top of someone’s head, making adjustments down in the scull.) 

Blooming in the garden right now

My dream included a huge door that was open. Inside is a woman (I know) encased in a net, and doing “soul work” on the floor. There is divine music playing. She is making these lunges, even as she is in the net and she is crying, distraught loud. I almost walk in but realize I cannot and I start weeping outside the door. 

This was a strongly felt dream complete with the music coming through the open door. That is what sacred chants do for you. They open the door. This morning I keep putting on the alarm so I could wake up with a dream. Then I dream a  man in blue colors, greets me with a sideways hug, that lifts me off the ground. Perhaps he knows about social distancing. It felt pretty good. 

Sign up for my blog and that puts you on my prayer list. Prayers boomerang back to you and give you a wonderful happy slap. Happy dreaming to you until the next time. 

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