And then the Elastic Snapped.

A dream is like a blue jug in the middle of everything. It needs to be poured out. It is in the pouring out that the miracle happens.

 I am sleeping under the eves for a few months now and I am getting used to the sounds the long wooden oak beams make during hot or really cold times and I am hearing the patter of tiny feet onto the roof made by my fellow sentient beings where they jump from the tree, newly grown up, and onto the gable end. I hear birds in the gutters getting a drink in that one that is not draining well or just poking around in the gutters looking for some sentient larvae or other, to eat.

Spring time in my yard. I thought these green stems were weedy grass until I saw the marvelous purple.

When I looked out my new great window in the attic, the other morning, I see what looks like a rather long wet stain on the green tin roof. Something a little large must have relieved himself there. I did not hear the whole affair. But It  was newly done as it had not rained. It looked like a narrow stream and then a round wet space at the end where it accumulated before dribbling down out into the gutter. 

One of the attic windows

Maybe the Daddy Squirrel is trying to lure a new female here, as the other one and her two babies, have been relocated to Hill and Dale Park a few short miles from here. I worry they are packing their suitcases even now and are planning a come back. At any rate there is no shortage of replacement squirrels in the area.


There is a central space in the attic that goes up into a pyramid shape

Before starting my chants last night, I had found my elastic band and after several tries had made a loop, which I felt would fit around my knees. I needed some resistance when I did the half shell knee exercise, during my chanting. The halfclam shell consists of lying on your side, knees pulled up and the upper leg then raises as far as it can for the count of five seconds. It affects the buttocks where the muscles meet tail bone and lumber area of the spine. It has a way of relaxing the area there.

Exercising in the dark

I had reached the third chant, which I think is so beautiful, even as I am not a great singer. It always brings me into my heart and I am raising within. It was at this moment that the week kneed elastic band choose to snap, just like that.. and I was almost at a loss as to where to place the sound. The chanting must have created an altered state. The unmistakable snap and my conscious mind kicked back in and I realized what had happened. 

Sunshine shadows from the attic

The only thing I could do was laugh to myself out loud in that attic space raising the rafters a little and making the place a little more my own. I took advantage of that mirth to go on a little long as I welcomed such bouts of tummy rippling. It got me past my freak out point so that all manner of things are well. 

From the Dream World – Dream of the Sheep and the Polar Bears.

The sheep are in the corner of a pen and they are jumping up on each other, as they are afraid and cornered. Then the sheep start to turn into Polar Bears. 

Cornered in a box

The images of the sheep and the polar bears brings some conversation about letting go of the farming of the sheep due to it being retirement time. 

The dream is not about this but about the sheep being cornered. 

The dreamer’s attitude and emotion’s are somehow being cornered in himself in such a way that is negative. There is the fear of the sheep and the morphing into a fearful animal also to be considered.  

Mama had her own attitude and emotions.

Many people are fearful of the current virus in such a way that is negative to them.

A man gets attitude and emotions from his mother.

He says his mother was a wonderful person. 

A young son especially soaks up what the mother wants to a point where the young son puts his own feelings and emotions away in favor of what the mother wants. It did not matter when he was a child and he was called a very good child.

Of course a Dad is important to a young son also.

However in later life, his obedience to his mother’s bidding perhaps, to the bidding of the negative anima inside is not helpful to his relationship to other women or to his God in the current moment. 

So looking into this dream should bring him to his moods, attitude and emotions. He might note he has a lot of negative things to say about politics, to society in general. Perhaps he is feeling his age and is bitter about this seemingly pointed slide toward old age and passing into death’s door. 

Perhaps an ability to see what life is really about will beset him, until he realizes that he is here for the joy of his soul and his soul will be delighted to go to the other side when life’s lessons are finally learned and his should would be delighted to sit and discuss his dream.

Where the soul cries for us to facilitate it’s joy.

Some more detailed looking at this dream will help him consider what he might do as a result of having this dream 

He might consider establishing a meditation time to get in touch with his shadow emotions which he is very free to vent. He could get a dream journal and start recording all his dreams instead of jumpig up  like the sheep in his dream, feeling cornered and rushing into a fearful day, not knowing what is biting at his heels, and letting his fears get a lot bigger, as he does not force the fears into the safe spaces that show up in meditation and journaling.

With or without the dreams I recommend that you meditate and establish your relationship with God, that you are protected by the awesome energies that are there for the taking, that only need your daily time to engage. I recommend a minute for every year of your life, as a starting point. May you be in the Spirit. I will pray for you and you can pray for me. Boomerang is the name of the game in prayers, they come back to you and find a home in your heart, with wings on. 

Love from Rose.  

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