Call to Prayer at Eights AM and PM

The Little Froggie Story

The old outdoor shower attached to the house near the beach, had two layers of boards underfoot and sand below. I was given fair warning not to bring sand into the house, so I obediently went into the old outside shower. I considered wiping off the sand in there. But it was a windy evening and where ever the sand could go it had gone and my hair had become a massive repository of the golden granules.

I turned on the tap and it was cold, but cold and I can agree for a little while and it was somewhat ok. Then I looked for the hot tap and the water was soon much too hot.

A little gentle jump caught my eye in the right hand corner of the shower. A one inch high frog was in my shower, blending in, brown on brown, almost not there, except for the gentle jump out of the hot water.

The frog put its head into the space between the boards and its little “hiney” was in the air.

A falcon with a fish in its claws

When I got the water adjusted to the right temperature, the frog came back up again and sat in the rain of the shower, right side up.

I smiled as I watched and washed.

When I finished getting that dune of sand off my scalp and was squeezing my hair with both my hands, I leaned a little toward the frog so he would get the benefit of those extra few drops even though the shower was now turned off.

The frog glanced up at me, with a minuscule adjustment of its head. I felt acknowledged and I said “hi.” I laughed gently to myself. I slowed down and took advantage of the small miracle at my feet, watching the way the rain in my shower fell slow and free and the calmness of the frog claimed me.

I did not think to kiss the frog in that moment but I could have.

Bayside inlet

I think I was infected by the frog’s good feelings about the warm rain falling on him.

I can see now why poems and fairytales are written about them.

“Twenty frogies went to school, down beside a rushy pool…” comes to my mind unbidden, complete with the image of the frogs in little green coats sitting on green leaves on their pond.

There were often frogs about in the cool damp banks beside our avenue in Ireland and I grew up without any fear of the frogs. My siblings and I chased them trying to catch them before they jumped out of reach again. We placed them in the palm of one hand and the other cupped over as they made jumping motions.

Like the frog, there is some heat I might want to avoid in my life and I would want to put my head in the sand. However, it is always best if I sit up and look about and in that way catch the gentle rain falling from heaven when it does fall, slowing down to become gentle with myself.

Meditation and Prayer

While at the beach I found a little notebook I wrote in this time last year at the beach. It was fun to read. I wrote a little something about Buddha.

“Buddha knew what he was doing under the tree. He was draining all of himself and let it go into the winter sleep of the ground. He waited then for that gathering of sappy energy into a huge ball below the tree, waiting for that rush up the tree that he knew would carry him up into ecstasy. He was in the basket of the Divine Mother. The tree sprouted leaves, flowers and fruit one hundred fold and Buddha became enlightened giving out the fruits of the spirit to us all and even does still for those who seek.”

Just to think we have everything inside us we could ever need, we just have to be silent, slowly going back to claim our souls. I am seeing a cross of light, with the upright going down the body and through the back bone and the vertical going out through the arms.

Many people pay attention to the breath coming up the body over the head and down the body in the front. The chakras are electrified in this loop.

From the dreams

Currently I am inviting people to join me in meditation twice a day, at 8am and 8pm for twenty minutes more of less, so we can be in that happiness and we are blessing and are blessed. This was inspired by the need to pray for our country, for unity, for our law enforcement, our health concerns with the virus, our dying and dead. We can include our own concerns at this time also. The whole world can be included, no exceptions.

From the dreams

Keeping the time for meditation straight is getting easier and sometimes something will remind me. I look at my phone and it says it is 8.01. You know how to set alarms and I know you know a lot about prayer already. Each to his own is very acceptable at this time of sacrificing our time for the others, praying for them.

Mantras, as in Rosary is magnificent prayer to the Divine Mother, which my personal mother could never get enough of. I was once told that I said so many “Ave Marias” in a past life, that my soul was continuously saying them still. I hope this is true. A camper, at the Edgar Cayce Summer camp told me that she was learning off the psalms and putting her favorites to music. I still remember her face and bright eyes, thirty years later.

“ All is one, one is all, there is only one” is one of my personal favorites., that came to me following a meditation, while staying in a motel in Cleveland Ohio attending a Mari Conference.  

Sand in the hair

I also love the Aquarian Sadhana chants and of course “Sweet Heart of Jesus” in whose heart there is room for all expressions of prayer toward God, especially the prayers that come through your own heart, regardless of faith orientation. Get started and more will be given you from within.

Love from Rose. 

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2 Responses to Call to Prayer at Eights AM and PM

  1. Doris Martin says:

    This is beautiful, Rose. Love that little frog and the reminder that we can learn much from observing and being kind to animals. I’ve been sitting with my big cat in my lap while meditating. His movements to get just the right position purring loudly all the while are just like myself as I gradually allow the mellow and calm to take place within my own mind and body. Thank you,

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