Fairy Dream and Frisco

Finally I was on my way to the Outer Banks and was excited as I was going to Frisco, which was far south on Route 12, the highway that links the outer banks together. I had a co-driver and we got going at 10.30 am. On our journey we got a text to say the road flooded and impassable at high tide, but that was not until10.30 pm. We should be good to go. 

It was getting toward evening when we were finally on Highway 12 and the traffic sowed to a crawl and my co-driver wanted to turn back but I noticed everyone else was grimly inching along and while I heard it would now take twelve hours to get there at the rate we were going, I did not want to turn back.

We camped in a a wood cabin the first night in Frisco

As it got darker and slower and the wind was howling, I thought “We are in God’s country.” Our road was getting covered with sand and water and there was just one lane for the two-way traffic. The car in front of us would waddle around on the sand and water and I would be a back seat driver as my codriver made good decisions and kept the wheel steady.

Then we came to a big corner where a road above our road was being built. At this corner the water was about a foot deep and as we heard the water hitting the bottom of the car below us, gurgling, we skidded, aquaplaned and generally went this way and that. Whether to climb onto the sand or stay in the water was a mystery.

It was seriously beautiful

We climbed onto dry road and were off at a good speed again. Here were other puddles and sand but none as bad as that. This turned out to be the place where road closing happened. The road was closed that night and stayed closed for five days. We felt especially lucky to have bested the wind, sand and the water and get to Frisco and out shelter for the night. The road was closed for five days after that and we were one of the last cars to get through.

Next day I awoke a bit after five am and did some chanting and planned to see the sunrise. I rode my back though the six inches of water on our street, a left over from two days of rains the week before. When I got to the beach sunrise was covered over with bands of dark clouds over a white foamy ocean stretching in all directions. Some waves further out threw foam skyward. I started some stretching and within minutes the golden light of the new sunrise flash lit the ocean in random places.

This was an evening sky as the sun was going down – there was a fine white fog going on also .

I squealed with delight into and extended OM. A short white haired woman came up the beach, dressed in blue and white carrying a dark red rosary beads in her right hand, hanging down as she used it. She smiled back at me and said “how could one not love the maker of all this.” I agreed heartily.

That morning, the little and bigger breeds of terns were on the beach, not looking up at anything, just sensing the water and foraging. I sat close to the surf watching the terns. They could judge each wave and how to stay ahead of it at a fast run, picking up morsels for themselves. They ran very close to me at times as my eyes were closed, off and on and I would catch sight of them in a sideways glance.

Very little beach left at high tide.

Beautiful dogs on leashes, walked by eager to look in my face also.

The next day we went to the beach together as a group. I was dressed for a swim but the ocean was a bit wild at the edge. The songwriter among us was singing a newly formed line of a song so we joined the refrain “Down in the dunes” and were dancing to it at the edge of the waves. I had my back to t he waves, totally engaged in gyrating to those newly formed lines.

One of my legs was up in the air when the wave hit me and I came down into a split before being turned over and down into the water. I grabbed for the shifting sands under me and got no traction. The two younger adults grabbed me, one on either side of me, as I flew past them pulling me upright in the fast receding wave.

that is me dancing before the wave took me down.

The fact that my swim suit was going south had to be ignored, the top half all up and the bottom half all down, Both the young adults were wet up to their shoulders.

The water was warm, and the young man thought he would do battle with the undertow and roll in on a wave, which he successfully accomplished. I lay down in the surf at the edge and rolled in sideways in less intense amounts of water. I kept my eyes fixed on the water and no more dancing with my back to it. I have a rule, which I forgot in the excitement of the new song, which is to never turn your back on the water.

Mandala that brought insight when interpreted for color and shape. (Mari Reading)

Fairy dream.

I cannot remember ever getting a dream about leprechauns or fairies. This week I got two. One was from a person at the market who told me he found himself all up to his waist in snow and that he saw chickens in the snow nearby. However when he looked again he saw that the were little men no more than the height of a chicken. The dreamer was soon busy with another customer so I did not get to say much other than being waist deep in snow is not such a good thing. The lower half is stuck somehow. But some times a good freezing does us good and I am certain the arrival of the Leprechauns from another dimension in his dreams heralds new energy for him, perhaps a pot of gold somewhere. I cannot wait to go back and talk some more about that dream. The other dream will have to wait for another time. 

Happy at the water’s edge.

Let me know if these times are bringing you unusual dreams. People are stirred to breaking loose out of the frozen times and new golden energy is coming in. Love from Rose.

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