Sparrows and Wrens at Bible Study

New dreams

I am never satisfied. I have to be asking for dreams from old and young, from buyers and sellers and from all who come my way. Some folks say they cannot remember but when I tell them about my latest dream, they usually chime in with their latest offering triggered by something I have said.

Recently I got a dream from a student. He said he went up high place and could see the coast of Maine. He was there for some hiking.  He said that from above he saw a taller than life man at the edge of the ocean with a cape and pointy hat on, and he had a paintbrush attached to a stick and he was attempting to draw a picture. Each time he painted, the water came over the painting and washed it clean. 

a tall man in the yard on Wolfe Street

In a selfish interest of getting better at interpretation, I sallied forth and said that if he is going up high, he is trying to get the big picture. If he is hiking in Maine, he is trying to find himself. He is asking the questions that young students try and answer. 

This person who had the paintbrush is himself, coming to him from before his life began and from the future. He is letting him know (the student does not have an interest in art) that what he thinks life is about will be washed off again and again from before. The old person may be an archetype of old wise man, (Gandalf type) who wants to help answer his question. 

My friend dreamed of a fairy in her garden.

The above happened in a short span of social time. I would have liked to talk to him about his life in more detail to understand the meaning of the dream further. Then I could even revise what I said depending on the student’s associations. (He gave me permission to blog about the dream anonymously.) It is always nice to follow up with a client who brings their dreams on a weekly basis so the ongoing story of their unconscious, their connection to everything important, everything spiritual and everything held in the shadow can come into the light. 

Barach Obama came into my dream last night and he came to help but he cold not until some operation, my operation was complete. I interpreted it as something I had forgotten to do so I did it this morning and hope that satisfies the unconscious as a response to the dream. 

As usual I am trying to get some healing for my ailments, which seem to become very settled when I do meditation that I feel brings me into oneness, peace and love. I have been sloppy lately, not insisting on structured silence and my chanting being very chatty with myself instead of God. Someone said to me yesterday that in Silence we remember out oneness with God. 

I am also tarrying with puling the light through my body toward the end of meditation and that seems to be helping. The words of the song given to me by Lois Carter goes “I am sending you light, to hold you to heal you, I am sending you light to hold you in love.” It is the light of Christ that brings the Love in. I am a work in progress. 

I am still praying for Election affairs. “All is one, One is all , there is only One.” The latter was a response to a dream in which my father is pacing up and down and insisting on these words. He was on a bridge at the time and I presume he was between this world and the next, as he was a few years deceased when I had that dream. 

Who will bring us together, this split, and will it be someone on the outside or will it come because enough of the people in United States, all pray for the one thing, unity, kindness, care, love, empathy, and all the other virtues we can lean into at any time. 

We had a great explosion here in Harrisonburg. I was outside doing QiGong at the time with Elizabeth Scott and another person. We were socially distanced and enjoying the fresh, if cold air. We all felt that monster sound, that going down energy into the ground and coming back up. An image of a great circular ball accompanied the sound for me. My daughter’s recording company was one of the businesses taken out in the explosion. This brought it a little closer to home for me. 

I went to Bible Study this morning with my favorite people. We are studying the Our Father as part of our book on prayer. I love the Edgar Cayce readings on the Our Father linking each line of the prayer to the seven Chakras in our bodies. I wanted to  interject about the first Chakra being connected to “Forgetting our First Love” and the “daily bread” being connected to remembering that we are spiritual beings, and the daily bread being spiritual food. It is always available.

 While we were meeting a whole crew of sparrows had a bit of a fight with a Carolina Wren who had the nerve to sing in the tree above. I was distracted by the wren and the lovely song not three feet above the porch where we sat.. The wren hid between two branches, under a leaf, while the sparrows said a lot of things. I wanted to concentrate on the birds but they had only about half of my attentions. I needed to be listening to my own group and not be rude. We are finished the book on prayer and I have a better idea on how to pray, prayers of thankfulness for all that comes my way and many other kinds of prayer. 

Thanks you for reading this far. You can sign up for my blog and it will come to your email address each time I post. I feel called to do this writing and pray that you are oft in prayer and in singing praises and prayers of joy and requesting and accepting types of prayers. I will pray for you and you will pray for me, an unselfish act that benefits us both. Happy Halloween and enjoy the pictures from the streets that surround me.

Love from Rose. 

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