Stepping Stumbling Blocks Stones

I had some trouble sleeping so I went to the end of the bed to catch the moonlight on my face that was coming in through the skylight from the waxing gibbous moon. I was soon fast asleep with her beautiful beams going deep into my face and going through my eyelids and into my eyes.

Origami, a gift from Matty.

I awoke later with the moonlight now hanging high on the beam above my head, making a square of white light on the ceiling above me. My thoughts went to the Bible Study the day before.  I had to leave the study early, as I had a visitor.

As I left the Bible Study, the leader asked what I wanted prayed for and before I could quiet answer, it was agreed that they should pray for me and my company. The study itself came back to me in my room, as a little loud with me countering anything I could and with our fearless leader insisting through reference to “The Word” that I could ask for anything in Jesus’ name from God and it would be given to me. I have used the phrase “in the Name of Christ,” in meditation often and my old mentor had me tack it onto any and all requests voiced in prayer or meditation.

Origami in the evening light – another view from above

In the darkened space in the attic, something akin to a fog seemed to come in between me and the earlier noise and I was able to say “I get it now” and started to pray in a new way for me, asking in Jesus’ name for light and love and healing from the Father for others.

It was not as if I had not heard of these relationships that I could avail of at any time. Was I too proud to ask, and had I any belief in doing this? As I stepped up over this stumbling block of unbelief looking for a stepping-stone onto this light and love and healing in my nightly prayers, I said “I mean it now.”

Origami from the side – full sunlight

I remembered to God, my neighbor, who makes beautiful mugs.  I asked God to put light and love and healing into all the mugs she makes. I had told her the day before about a sharp pain in my hand. She was holding on to her dog with her leash, I to my bike before leaving my house area. 

She told me to get some nettle tea and she offered to leave me some on my deck later. She brought tears to my eyes with her concerned look as she gazed upon me across the intersection, with her empathy. I imagined loose-leaf nettle tea on my deck as a monster heap. I was feeling expansive from her concern for me.

Origami with a little shadow.

When I came home through the back deck, I found that lovely mug on my glass outdoor table. In the mug there was a lovely card to me explaining she could not sell the mug, as there was a little uneven circle in the bottom inside. I do love circles.

This mug with its imperfection becomes the corner stone of good feeling between us and I found four “Nettle Tea Bags,” individual packets, in the mug also. These were easy things to pray for, to present to God, to put love and light and healing into every mug she will ever make in Jesus’ name.

I had a load of other prayers for her also as I had met her on the Greenway some days earlier and she was with, her fiancé. He was squatting and she was bent over. When I got there she said I had “caught her looking at the dog’s poop.” They said he was not well, as his tail was between his legs that morning and they were investigating his poop.

During that meeting I asked directly if they were getting along and they admitted they had a spat the day before and I claimed dog whisperer status and said they had upset the dog and made his tail to fall. So I included a prayer for the love between them. They are a beautiful couple.

These are two books I had to get for my teacher training MARI Course – I like them both but especially the lower one.

Over the years when asking her for a dream or two I found out about one of her family member’s needs and included him in the prayer mix.

Then I moved on to some prayers for my daughter. The Bible Study said they would pray for her as well as me, as she was my visitor. Later that afternoon I got a number of texts from her that I was pleased about, when to visit and other such plans coming up.

The Music Makers – From the dreams

As she is a musician, I prayed that all the songs coming out of her mouth would take great flight taking others up, getting them in touch with the place, where love resides and hope comes down. I thought of the prayer for her “I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not harm you, to give you hope and a future.”

It is over two weeks since all of the above happened and I have been quarantining as I have the Covid 19. I am going a little crazy being home alone and not feeling like much exercise. I call it Covid Light as it seems to be responding to the Vitamin C and D and others supports.

My friend Sundri, who lives in Trinidad, recommended steaming my head, and it seems to have relieved the headache whenever it hit. It was hard to submit to the steam but every time it totally relieved it. I slept really well last night after my sister said she prayed a lot for me. I had a dream of a lot of yellow tomatoes. I am topping up on citrus daily. I got two gallons of tomato juice, bottled in glass jars, in the summer, and they are honoring the dream.

I have kept my prayer and meditation times even as I fell into a cranky funk yesterday. But a little mild exercise, my sisters prayers, two bags of groceries, telephone call with my sister in Dublin,  and a bit of typing have dragged me back into the land of love and the living and I am grateful for all the wonderful supports I have. Keep those prayers going for me and I am praying for my readers. Love you. Rose. 

In Santorini in 2019 above the blue Mediterranean – oh to go traveling again.

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  1. Margaret Sofia Marangione says:

    Hi Rose,
    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as you travel through COVID-19.

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