Sweet Peas

During the last two weeks I was involved in an eleven-day chanting/ Kundalini class that included a daily walk and chant. I added this practice to a nightly practice of doing the Aquarian Sadhna Chant, which I have been doing for almost a year. I have been chanting for our political situations, with appeals to my Church Group, Bible Groups and my readers, among others, to join me on a daily meditation for Peace at 8am and 8 pm. I also remember to God, my readers, my family, my clients etc during these meditations. All of this case load coalesced into something more, both internally and eternally

During this eleven-day practice time I was in quarantine and alone at my house.  I met to chant nighty on a Zoom Group. One of the participants shared she went “very deep,” and saw a quick vision of a female destroyer Goddess, who was all in flames. It was a quick flash in her sight. We did this powerful chant for 31  minutes on the tenth night, with one hand on our heart and the other hand on our knee.

The above visionary had a marvelous feeling, and said she fell asleep that night in the breath of those flames.  One of the lines of our chants relates to God as “Destroyer.”  Calling on Creator God, God as Liberator, as Infinate, Nameless and Desireless were also part of the chant. By using a word that comes with a breath from our naval area, we were connection our higher and lower chakras. 

When I do Aquarian Sadhna, I always wait until I wake up in the night to begin the chanting. On that tenth night, I did the five seven minute chants. This is followed by a twenty-two minute chant that praises God and address the Soul. I felt the need to get off my back and onto my side. This is always a bad idea for me if I want to say awake.

I did not stay awake as I usually do. My timer clanging in my ear after the twenty-two minutes awakened me. I caught a glimpse of a vision. It was five flowers silhouetted against the wall and they were blue purple, just hanging there. A man I was holding close to me at hips told me to breath toward them to make them more real. I almost did not catch it. (My inner man, male and female energies, coming together within me in order to see such a vision.)

Next morning I got ready to spend an hour with my church people, who spend the time in silence, I had plenty of time to sit with my visionary flowers from the early morning time. The colors involved are blue and purple, the colors associated with higher chakras.  I breathed up into those flowers,  until they become a circle that came down and circled my neck, an area of the body where the fifth chakra is set. I would try and not be a bent and “stiff necked people.”

During the last zoom class, our Kundalini teacher spoke of the Pineal Gland, one of the higher chakras, and raising the energy from the bottom of the back bone to the top, where the Pineal Glands resides, within our brain.

During that class I got an indication of where that Pineal resides in the brain. It is connected to the fontanel, that soft spot on the brain we have as babies, and is called the tenth gate and the place through which the soul leaves the body when we pass over. I lost a sense of my uprightness and was in that spot in the brain for a moment, going the route of the backbone and up into the center of the head. 

On the day before the vision, I picked up Revelation, focusing on the Churches, writing up an explanation. The piece I was writing up was about the Thyroid, Fifth Chakra and the Pineal the Sixth Chakra. I felt my dream\vision of the flowers was connected to these two chakras because of the blue purple colors of the flowers, colors associated with the higher Chakras. 

The final connection between the events in my life and the vision came as I read St Teresa’s writings about the Solomon’s Song from the Bible. There is a line in there about flowers. Teresa treats the lines as the inner journey and connection with the sacred other. “Sustain me with flowers” I noticed connected to my dream. 

The first line of the Mantra we used in our Kundalini chant mentioned at the beginning above, says “Gobinday” a word I fell in love with the first time I heard it. The meaning of that word encompasses the word “Sustainer… The one who created me sustains me.”

I hope you can see the positive connections that happened, as I was in the midst of meditations, chants and exercises for eleven days. I love the way they all joined forces to give me my personal vision, which has faded a bit but will never leave me as I intend to be sustained by those flowers. While they are just the shape of the sweet pea flower that grows in profusion at the side of the road on Hill Street in Harrisonburg I will always be reminded of my vision when I see them. 

Let me know if you are having your own visions, whether red snakes that rise on your heart chakra, bringing in the feeling of profound love or if you are dreaming of lovely pigs sleeping in the parlor with a rotund man, similar size, all together cheek by jowl. 

I love working with clients who are actively working with Kundalini energies and actively being shown their inner animus man. These are my area of expertise. I love to hear from you through the Psychology Today Website where your information is safe and my credentials are verified. Love from Rose. 

Bonus Note.

When one of my clients saw one of my last blogs she wrote me an email and said she says the following prayer for me when she meditates in the morning. 

May you be safe and protected and free from inner and outer harm May you be happy and contented. May you be healthy and whole to whatever extent possible. May you experience ease of well being. Feel well and bless.(You too can say this prayer for me any time you please.) I am sending out a prayer for you. Love from Rose.

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