This morning I was at the ocean front at daybreak. There was a line of what looked like clouds and I did not see any rising sun but could see that light change in a warm way. I stood there for a while and sat cross-legged afterwards.  My feet were bare and cold so I immersed them in the sand. It had a warming effect. Then I tried meditating. A large black lab came up and slobbered all over my face. His owner, a youngish man said his dog thinks everyone is his friend. 

The exercisers in the fog

As I sat the clouds became a fog that came and surrounded me on my little perch on the edge of the ocean. The birds, the people and dogs were surreal. When the lab dog’s owner came back up he stopped again and commented on the fog as my face got another licking. He noted that he took videos of the fog, as no one would believe what he had seen. He said it had a mystic quality and the sun looked as the moon.

The sun and the fog gave me a glow.

Yesterday when I meditated, at the edge of the dunes to avoid the breeze, it was a sunnier morning. Pelican groups were flying up and down the beach over the water. When I opened my eyes there was a flock of them making a beeline in my direction. I could not believe it. They use their wings so sparingly, almost stopping in mid air. When they were within a few yards, they literally stalled in the air, shifted their bodies back toward the water, and flew in that direction. 

Sunrise at the beach at Kill Devil Hills

They have this way of undulating as they fly and from where I sat on the beach, as they flew back into the trough between the beach and the ocean, it was as if they were flying full tilt into the sand and disappeared, only to come up again, one after the other and into the air over the water. 

As the morning wore on past nine o’clock, I was pulled toward the water and a quick immersion. I found it bracing, stayed in long enough for a wave of the water to climb my back and wet some of my head. I was not cold as the fog lifted and then the sun was hot. 


I met a couple from the mid west, as I left the beach. Their son was vegan and they were resisting his cooking and other such thing. I wish I had a son with grandchildren. I would surely move in and love the food. Her son also works on the attachments of muscles to bones and can relieve his father of all his pain. Definitely moving in. 

From the dreams

I have had two treatment at the Spa here at ARE and the first was a colonic. I now know the meaning of the words “showing my butt.” When I was in practice in a smallish town in Virginia, some of my country clients would say such words as “I showed my butt” or he “showed his butt.” One of the other practitioners of at the spa told me that she once was the demo for a class of students of the colonics. She said that took some courage. 

Blue Angel Statue in Meditation Garden at the ARE

I wanted another treatment and without thinking too much I signed on for a cranial sacral hour. She told me she was free from pain for fifteen years She avoids all sugar and each day when she gets up she asks how her body is and if she has any pain or inflammation. Then she tries to look at her diet from the previous day to say what she did wrong for her pain body. She said she never gets pain now and can eat a little sugar sometimes. . 

If a snake and a cat and a chicken comes to bite you in the dreams, you could investigate it with me.

She also meditates five to ten hours a day. She starts her day at 4 am, is very energized and gets “lots done everyday anyway.” She also said she feels that she goes out “into a field” and that what ever she needs comes her way. I was highly inspired to meditate more. 

Sun coming through the blooming shrub – stayed blooming all winter.

I asked her about her relationships and she said her ex has fallen in love with her again. I guess she may have some karma to work out there still. I said nothing on that subject other than to say that I liked the film “The Garcia Girls” which modeled an older woman having a sex life and enjoying it. I enjoyed it immensely – the movie and the treatment.

A litte watercoloring on the Sound side beach in Hatteras.

As the cranial sacral session went on I went silent and felt her energy as she worked on me. I got more relaxed and toward the end I breathed out something. This was followed by seeing a flower that was purple in color with a lightening strike going through it. 

In the lawn at Kill Devil Hills

She said her session would take twenty four to forty eights hours working on me. As I lay in the sand later and meditated I felt that sinking into the ground that brings peace and calm with it. I went through the motions of meditation and felt happy just to be, appreciating the bliss all around and in me. 

A breeding Double Crested Comeratn in Seashore State Park

My bliss is to be near large bodies of water, work with people and with dreams and to write. All three bring me immense satisfaction. If you have some dreams to share, be sure to contact me. I am on Psychology Today as a Licensed Professional Counselor. I do Telehealth and in person Counseling.

The pine was blooming where I did Qi Gong over the phone with Elizabeth Scott while at Kill Devil Hills.

Thank you for your reading. You can sign up and follow me so than an email comes to you when ever I post a blog such as this. Please like if you do and I promise to send some lightyour way and you can send some my way.

I am reading and watching some Joseph Campbell media and it reminds me how I watched his shows a long time ago. I understand it better now that I am older and a meditator. Bring on the Bliss. Love from Rose. 

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