Moriah – Larger and Smaller issues

Moriah told her friend, Sonie, that she often prayed for her. Sonie felt that Moriah’s voice surely had the ear of God and that would do a lot of good for her. Sonie had a hard job working on teeth and was lamenting loosing her assistant. 

Sonie’s spiritual Master’s prayer was “Only what pleases thee, oh Lord, do I want.”  But it was not easy to accept what she felt was a “bad thing.” Moriah hoped it would work out for the better and sent the light to surround her dear friend. 

In the night, Moriah thought of Sonie and what she had said about God’s ear. Moriah was working on breathing as well as chanting and she smiled very broadly when thinking about God’s ear. 

It was then that Moriah found myself stretching all the way out her body, as if her legs went out that far window and her arm was out the other one to the east. It was very pleasant and gentle and was represented as a group of lines reaching out in both directions. It lasted a few moments. Mariah felt that she was much larger than her little house. 


The thought of the ear of God so close to Moriah slipped her out of her body into an expansion, into a different dimension. 

Moriah was living alone and had not seen Uishneach for over a year or more. She had asked the dwarves in charge of legal issues to help her get her inheritance back for this and that lifetime. She understood there were three dwarves working for her. She tried not to obsess about it and to feel she was right in pursuing this avenue. 

The whole spread of it all.

The dwarves were looking at the whole spread of what was owed and what was interest. Mentally and emotionally it took a toll on her, but like a dog with a bone she could not let it go. She would have to take the burden of this decision onto herself. 

One of the legal dwarves

Then there was the issues both Moriah and her sister Bernie had relating to older sons, who had no women in their lives but liked to off load their emotions onto to Moriah and Bernie. Both felt a bit sucked dry.

Moriah’s son, Kristy wanted to know if a better horse or a better house would help. Moriah wanted to know what was wrong with the existing horse out there grazing on the hill of Uishneach, eating buttercups and mushrooms and his nose all covered in yellow pollen. 

The sons

Well, he said, she is a very big girl and when he looked at her walking he saw a river shimmer. Moriah suggested that maybe he should yoke up his two donkeys and have them pull a cart for his lady friend.He never liked Moriah’s solutions much.

Her sister’s son was a bit older, called Inky for his dark hair and his dark complexion. His marriage broke up and he was depressed and was leaning too munch on Bernie. Moriah was a bit afraid to say she should stop suckling him along as he laid his tears on her, and let him find his own bottom of the well. 

The Leprecaun women, mothers, sometimes were too attached to their oldest sons and it always felt better to breath into their son’s lives than to breath the breath of life into their own. Moriah felt pleased she did not live with her son, but keeping her mind at home was always a challenge especially as he consulted her about the horses and the big girl he had found. 

Moriah was lost for a bit.

Mariah was out walking, going to meet Bernie at the Goddess Bride’s well near the Hill of Uishneach. Sometimes she happened on her sister there. As she walked her path she soon found she had daydreamed and was on the path of no path. Perhaps it was the path the animals took in the moonlight at night. As she followed along, she remembered the old story that her uncle Druid Bernie told her about following the path that would bring her to the den of her own heart. 

Moriah took a good luck around and soon found her way to the well and sat down on one of the big stones there and had a drink of the delicious cool water dancing in the dappled sunlight. Her sister was nowhere to be seen and Moriah soon was fast asleep. She dreamed of a little red door that was blocking her way. 

And in that sleep what dreams may come

She breathed into the door until her breath made it bigger and bigger and soon she was able to walk right through. There were two big burlap bags on the floor. She breathed onto one of the bags and soon saw a lively landscape where she was a young child running around bossing her sister and taking her toys and her food when ever she could. 

She did not have time to look into the other bag because she felt a hand on her shoulder shaking her awake and she looked into the smiling face of her sister. They hugged and sat and talked of stories going around about and had a lovely time drinking the tea that her sister brought along. The cows milk and honey made it delicious and the tea brought warmth to their hears and they felt their closeness. Mariah took out some cake and could not remember if she put the herbs into it to make things smaller or larger, so she said nothing and hoped for the best. The end. 

In the kitchen in the evening sun

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