More on Go Sin No More.

It is the month of the May Blossoms and the Flower Moon is full tonight. May has left us with a beautiful feeling as we look about into the gardens and the streets where we live. The abundance of colors was enough to carry us on a wave of Beaty that we could not feel we deserve.The hymn we were sure to sing in May in my boarding school had a refrain “Oh Mary we crown thee with blossoms today, Queen of the Angels and Queen of the May.”

Meditation Today. We can love God – by activating the lover in us, reaching up to become the pain, the separation God feels about us as we are locked in our shells. 

We ask first with warmth, with pressure and pleasure of attending, with raising up our eyes to the mountains, by holding an extended breath, so that we cannot be ignored. When we pull ourselves through those ties that bind us in the closed shell of our hearts, the heart opens. 

My mother grew roses such as these in the hedge.

Hold up the attention to the Single Eye so we can be filled with light,  until it is opened to the Throne above. You say “I am yours and I am here”. We let go into the unknown and see a beauty that steps forth before us sprinkling May blossoms around, a blessing that there is not room enough to receive tumbling out of the yellow windows of Heaven – no longer separated but together in union. Be sure to breath into those blossoms all through May and enjoy the Flower Moon.

Goddess of the Flowers

More on Go Sin No More

I got some positive feedback relating to my last blog “Sin No More.” I feel that the real awareness for me is to not let myself away with “business as usual.” If I say I forgive someone, am praying for them, then I will not give myself the luxury of going over everything again and literally talking to them in my head in a negative way. 


“Go sin no More” might also apply to not eating sugar. Someone visits with a great cookie and a coffee for me when her smiling face comes in the door. I am not drinking coffee after the morning half cup. But I allow myself to parcel out a quarter mug for myself. The coffee has written over it “Go sleep no more.”

About that cookie, well I seem to totally forget my prohibition on sugar, until I start eating it and it is laden with sugar, pressed down and running over. I am trying to get rid of the arthritis and on the say-so of a healer I am stopping the sugar in many ways. If I am sick/arthritic, than I have to consider that it is a sin to eat the sugar that gives me inflammation and pain around my joints. I will keep you posted relating to my sinning.

Half way through the cookie, I push the second half into the bag and quietly bring it to the counter. I put it in the trashcan and that is that or is it?

She is working on her joints

I had a great visit with my friend as we talked about bible study, and because of her pain relating to childhood and religious issues, she cannot be in Christian Bible Study Groups.

We talked about anatomy and considered the anatomy of Jesus. He was always dressed in white flowing robes, spun in a one piece by the women who loved him in his life. It was a source of great merriment between us as she was more direct. 

What is held down in the unconscious can come up in humor. Perhaps you too were raised under the hand of nuns and a mother and a society that feels that nature is fallen.

From the dreams

I realized that Jesus is to the Father as Mohammed is to Allah and Abraham to Yahweh and Buddha to God and there are many other saints that could be mentioned. The former were all men of God. I agree that they are all very special and that they turned the corner into achieving the highest possibility for man on this earth, miracle workers, conversant with God and starters of new religions.

They opened up their hearts in love and God poured down that grace into them and they were able to use it in the right way to help and heal others. The fact that they had many lives before-hand, preparing them for their holiness life is a given.

From the dreams – not looking too happy about being joined at the hip and stepping on her feet.Perhaps the male energy in me is stepping on the feminine energy within – a big Nono.

I think that we have the choice to embody that love on a daily basis, in our Heart Chakra. It includes being of service to those that come our way.

I listened to a talk on Thomas Merton. At the corner of Walnut and 4thin Louisville Kentucky, he had a transcendent moment when he saw that spark of the divine in all the passers-by. He wanted to so badly let them know. He wrote over 7,000 letters and many books. Perhaps that was his service. It was nice to think that my writing can be a form of service. The opening of his own heart into the vision of the Divine within him, the Kingdom of God within, makes him able to see directly into the shining light we all carry. 

From a broken coffee cup.

When I talked to a preacher and his wife recently, they were pretty adamant that people who are against such light may treat you badly and their advice was not to engage with all that. We can look to them, send blessing and see the light in them. No need to get into any dog fights. Go sin no more.

About that cookie;  I retrieved it, brown bag and all and crumbled it over my porridge next morning. Like an alcoholic, addiction to sugar is strong after a lifetime of using it religiously to fill me up and to numb me out. 

The light is above me – coming through the blue earring – hoping to get it flowing through me as well..

I hope you can carve out time to be in holiness yourself. It is a marvelous gift to the Spirit within and will not go unnoticed by your soul. Keep doing the things that makes your soul satisfied so that our getting and spending will not way lay our lives in waste. You know the drill, I will pray for my readers and you can pray for me. You carry me high. Thank you for reading.

Love from The Rose.

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