Sipping Stones

Last Sunday, I went to Rawley Springs for a Sunday Afternoon. We brought food to cook and found ourselves at the swimming hole, in water that goes up to the waist and then some. It was cold, flowing fast and dark, in the shade of the leafy trees.

There was a family there that lived nearby the swimming hole. The father sat on our cooler and was talking to us. The middle child, a beautiful daughter, wanted me to help her find a drawing stone, the softer one that will write like brown chalk on other white looking stones. 

We abandoned the quest for the brown stones and I asked if she wanted to “skip” some stones. We had a great time as I explained the flick of the wrist and how it might work. There is something for teaching someone else how to do something. I found that most of our stones skipped at least once and some impressively. She got the hang of it. 

Mandala completed by a client in session.

She jumped up to tell her Daddy of her accomplishments with the stones. She stood int an angle, one foot in front of another to show herself in her best light. She could have been that girl at the end of the runway showing off her fine clothes. 

It was fun to see how one of my many stones rolled along my index finger before hitting the water with a fine skip that seemed to go on into four more skips before rolling along the top of the water until it got most of the way across. That stone walked on water!

Water colors by the river. I was supposed to be painting my painter girl as a mirmaid

While out at the river for that afternoon, I carried out my watercolors and two little paint brushes and a journal for paper. It was the one I had with me in Napal and India. When I pulled some pages out to draw something, my local child presented herself and wanted to paint. I suggested she paint a picture of her father. He was the one still sitting on the cooler. 

She finished up her Dad quickly. Her sister demanded a turn, took a stab at the paper with brown paint and demanded a new piece of paper. I said no more paper so she abandoned her painting. She was blue from swimming in the cold water. 

A painting of her father with a little energetic thing to the right to indicate a good connection between him and the daughter.

Her sister noted that the brown line her sister drew was perfect for what she wanted and promptly draw a picture of me on top of that brown line.  I love the lines she made and accepted her picture. Her father wanted to know if I wanted her picture of him. I was sure it was destined for his fridge and he took it with him. 

There was also a big family who were grilling up lots of meat. Our little fire was slow and the father of that red-hot charcoal fire offered us his fire. He had finished cooking for now. We realized we could do with the boost and used his fire to cook some whiting (fish.) We cooked some squash on the side also. 

A picture of rose on top of the original brown line. I love the exuberance expressed by my little painter girl

Our fish was smoked lightly from our little fire and thoroughly cooked on the red- hot coals. It was lovely to eat our evening meal by the river.

The owner of that lovely fire had a rabbit, which he cooked and it was covered in barbecue sauce. He offered bits of it to all near by. I thought it was tasty if a bit tough and it reminded me of my father.  He often went out with his shotgun and would bring in a brace of rabbits for boiling for soup or for roasting. Bacon was also involved with flavoring the roasting rabbit as they sit together on a pan in the gas over.  I remember my father’s enthusiasm for having us like them, which I did.

I went to dream group on Monday night and we met for the first time outside on the deck of one of the dreamers. There was a family of Pileated Woodpeckers near by who regaled us with they sounds. We never saw them but the owner said they come on a daily basis to eat from her suet feeder, through the morning hours. They take turns, she said. 

I had a spate of dreams that I could not figure out and was a bit terrified of them. There was a belching with black smoke tree, two dogs in a laneway that I wished would never see me due to some malevolent aspect of them and a few more. My fellow dreamers, my age and older were quick to pin them down to something difficult going on now originating in a history I would have thought was over. I had projected the symbols into more recent events and wondered what was going on. 

From the dreams – watercolor completed by a client prior to coming to session.

When it comes to my dreams I am very anxious about sharing them even in a group forum but when my turn came I was able to tell my dreams and to listen to the feedback. As usual, they found a way to ask me questions and to tell my life and I was very grateful. We often have blind spots about our own dreams. 

On the dream front I was told two dreams from others that had beautiful feeling qualities in each. One was about magnificent singing by a group of young soldier boys, that came out of a triangular pyramid at the top of a house. (I associated it to the pyramids, and that triangular symbol of the eye of God.) 

The swimming goddess

The other involved swimming in a personal stream in a strong and determined way as a union of opposites brought beautiful blue and green colors together in the water as she felt the flow of life through her in her swimming. A natural swimming Goddess woman came through as she is negotiating loss in her life. 

Surely these climnatis are the work the Goddess.

Thank you for reading and I will pray for you and you can pray for me. I am seeing people at my house for one-hour sessions of dream interpretation. Let me know if you want to have regular sessions or a once off session to see if dream analysis  is something you want to include in your life. I sure am glad that I can look at my own dreams and see the life and feeling flowing there. Love from Rose. 

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  1. Anna K says:

    Wonderful Rose. I enjoyed reading this and I shall pray for you and your for me. Blessings

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