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The Sky is not the limit.

I found myself trying to explain to someone about forgiveness prayers. The following comes of my own experience with forgiveness prayers and my use of such spiritual tools. I hope they can be helpful to you too.

I have two different prayers that I use when it comes to forgiveness. 

The first one relates to someone you have had a lot of interactions with, say a sibling or a spouse, eg Moriah, and you now have unresolved issues because of divorce or other family squabbles of a million different sorts. 

I found this image in my dream journal – not sure what inspired it!

This prayer goes like this: “I am praying to you Moriah. Thank you Moriah for doing to me all that you have done. Forgive me Moriah for doing to you all that I have done.”

I am praying to you (addressing my own higher self,) Rose.  Thank you Rose for doing to me all that you have done. Forgive me Rose for doing to you all that I have done. 

The above three lines incorporates the ideas that I am accepting all that has happened to me through Moriah. It incorporated the idea that God allowed all the various things to happen, both good and bad and especially the bad. (All things work together for those who love the Lord.) It also allowed some ownership by me of the tangles that happened between Moriah and me. 

Shoes inspired by a dream I heard from a client,,

 This prayer has helped me greatly with my feelings of intensity, annoyance, etc. with various people when I felt the relationship was broken and I had no power or control to put it to rights and/or get my own way in the situation.  

Working through these prayers on a daily basis has brought me into a softer feeling as time went by, over a period of 40 days. The instructions were to start again if you missed out on one day. I am not a great counter of days but I do persist, as I am now meditating on a daily basis. 

Hard to tell who she is – a doodle while concentrating on something else

The second prayer is “He/She is thine, as I am thine, let there be peace between us.” 

You can insert the relevant name at the beginning of the sentence. I used it any time I thought of a certain person in a negative way.  Sometimes the problem would be resolved. Other times I would feel ok about them and the feelings relating to the other person would dissolve, without any connections with the prayed for person. 

There is another subtly within this prayer just above. When you pray for peace to be between you, you are not trying to interfere with the other person and their life style, whatever it may be. Rather you are saying your own prayers, doing your own meditation and out of that space, you gather up that peace as a light, as a dove, to place it between you and that person. In this way, any difficult intentions or thoughts from the other person toward you, or visa versa, are taken care of by the peace you have placed between you and them. You can be peaceful within and leave the other person over there, without running any interference from you to cause them to stumble or be controlled by you.

From the dreams – mine- I am not in the driving seat.

We have been told that putting light into the other person, when they do not know you are doing that is forbidden, as it would have the effect of causing the other person to take your energy into their intentions. This would have the effect of increasing their negativity toward you.

The injunction is to surround them with the light, and like a “lit up car,” the people who need to see what they are doing will be able to see.

Any number of possibilities come in here. A lit up “person” can be avoided. Or perhaps someone “arrests them” and they get into a “program” that will help them, just because you surrounded them with the light. Demotions and “not elected again” situations may result from surrounding another, with light. We have all heard people say that something that seemed negative was something that saved their life. 

Pregnant man – my inner man is having some issues.

Spending half the night awake, saying negative prayers for or about another, we feel has hurt us, is the opposite of praying. You know the injunction from our lovely bible: “it would be better to have a milestone put around your neck and thrown into a lake, rather than send someone astray with all the negative thoughts.”

In my little bible study group , they brought out the idea, that God would not be happy that we would wish ill to another, as we are all God’s children. 

I found myself explaining the above to someone, and becoming clear about the need to not pray in a controlling way for another person. Leave them to their own life, just like I am in control of my own life and only that one. 

Give the wasted time to your daily practice. The peace that passeth understanding is there for the taking, as you go again and again to be filled with that peace. The more you practice, the more you will feel the growing peace within. sending out a prayer of peace for you. Love from Rose.

North End Greenway is a peaceful place for me to ride my bike.

Notes: The first directions above came from an article in a Venture Magazine put out by Edgar Cayce’s ARE. 

A good friend, Maria Prytula, gave me the second prayer some years ago. (It may be from Edgar Cayce materials also.)

The ideas relating to surrounding with light as opposed to sending light into another is also based on the ARE materials and my daily practice for fifty years.

(I have been a member of the ARE for just about fifty years now, attending a lecture by Hugh Lynn Cayce in a hotel in Dublin around 1971. I wandered my way through “A Search for God” Study Groups in Ireland and in the States for over twenty years also. As a family, we attended the ARE family Camps in Rural Retreat in South West Virginia while my children grew up into camp counselors. I was also a camp counselor for a time or two. I attended Workshops at the ARE Headquarters in Virginia Beach many years.  I also attended ARE Atlantic University and completed courses in meditation, dreams, healing, Inner Life and Transpersonal Psychology. The Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment was a great starting point for me as I waded along into my spiritual path, in my early twenties. I still look forward to seeing the “Venture Inward” magazine.)

The ideas I express in my blog come from practicing meditation as well as many other influences and inklings gained from trying to put into practice what I know to be true inside.

Listening with the inner ear never fails to deliver.

4th of July Suset 2021 on that strip above Eastern Mennonite University where there is a great view both east and west. I did my master’s degree program in Counseling there.

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