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Uses for the Peace Train of Thought

I found myself trying to explain to someone about forgiveness prayers. The following comes of my own experience with forgiveness prayers and my use of such spiritual tools. I hope they can be helpful to you too. I have two … Continue reading

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Moriah is Mulling about Her Cups

Anger and other kinds of complexes in us are fed by energy we stash in the complexes. It is always a struggle to figure out how to catch on to ourselves so we release this energy before it does any serious harm. This story tries to address this complex of anger and the notion of forgiveness and how anger and forgiveness might fin together. Continue reading

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Are You OK Then

My watercolors make their way into my stories and I hope they talk to you in good ways. I like to paint at the river as a way of anchoring in the outdoors and staying there for a while. Continue reading

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The Known and the Unknown

Personal art work, collage, relating to a wonderful dream about being totally accepted as I am . Self portrait is the middle picture. 3rd Picture is artwork around someone’s else’s dream. How do I get out the needle and thread … Continue reading

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