Thankfullness – Buiochas

Fall Colors

Thankfullness – Buiochas

“Buiochas le Dia” is a way of saying “Thanks to God” in Gaelic. 

I am using it as a mantra to surreptitiously, secretly supplant my lack of thankfulness for all the gifts I have here in my little life in Harrisonburg. 

I met a new boyfriend and that is a gift to me. He stays busy making my house ship shape, with painting and fixing anything that even thinks of listing our of its place. He shows me in many ways that he loves me, including making an arbor through the hedge out front on Wolfe Street side of the house.

From the dreams

I am still working in my favorite job of counseling and can bring in art and dreams into my sessions, even as my seventieth birthday is waving at me. These counseling sessions bring both of us into understanding of the spiritual life as well as much laughter back and forth. It is as good as it gets in my neck of the woods.


I have acquired the MARI teacher training certificate. This has come to help me with deciphering Mandala. I encourage my clients to draw mandala during our session even as we talk together. We are often astounded at the accuracy of what is put down on paper as shape and color and how it makes a bridge to what is happening in their life.


As a young women in my thirties, handling pregnancy, childrearing, a busy husband and emigration, I had a therapist to whom I often brought thirty mandalas when I went for a monthly session. Some leaned into lovely spiritual encouragement and others into temper and tantrum. I was back and forth a lot as I was being steered into a better version of myself. We always tackled the dreams and shadow work was the norm. 

A new pathway just completed across the road

I am thankful to be part of a small group that I meditate with once a week. I sometimes stood up and sang the Our Father for them telling them I always prayed this prayer at the beginning of my meditation. I am truly thankful that I have a daily practice in which to swing this prayer around. 

This Sunday I found a new version of it and it goes likes this:

The One from whom I come from

Holy is your name, Nirname, Nameless One

The kingdom come of the One from whom I come from

The possibility of the kingdom that is in the hear and now of my life

The will of the One, Has a will for me, so I am from where I come from

A heritage, not from faint afar over there but a birthright

My choice to be from where I come from

Our daily bread from the One from whom I come from

White energy of the core of the One, daily given in the root of me

Forgive us for forgetting where I come from and let me forgive everyone

Because of where I come from

Lead me into the way of the One from whose I come from – not tempted

By reaching hands from other where. 

Always reaching to where I come from

Deliver me into the Hands of the One from whom I come from

Into the heart of Love, the One from whom I come from. Amen.

I am thankful that I can air the above and continue to see if my Celtic leanings will morph my prayer again.

Buiochas le Dia can be repeated as many times as needed during the day, or used as a Mantra to imbue the body with thankfulness. The side effects are relaxation, complements of a parasympathetic system, who loves to be in thankfulness. This is that part of us that digests our food and renews out cells. 

Sunset shining into one of my rooms

Buiochas le Dia for my neighbor who stops to chat and tell me I am “not subtle” but that being “not subtle” is the true mark of a therapist. Sometimes I have to say something that calls it how it is. I once played a rebel Irish song for my brother in law who is English. Later I felt bad about my lack of subtly but today I can laugh and be thankful for such a lovely brother in law. I can let go of my unconscious, shadow that squirms when I think of it. I can now say, yes there is history there.

From the North end Greenway

Buiochas Le Dia for seeing the Queen of England, on TV in all those beautifully colored suits, one after the other, bright red, turquoise, orange and many others. Each one had a bowler type hat to match perfectly. I was mesmerized and am glad for the choices I can make about what I wear. I am busy crocheting a hat. Thankful that I can get more expansive with my colors.

Buiochas le Dia for the lovely colored dogwood across the road in full fall colors. It is over a newly constructed stone stair/path. Fred’s yellow trees have been hacked off by the utility company but still manage to look wonderful as they tower above the house. I am grateful for the loveliness of tall trees nearby. 

A picture of the rising moon over nearby mountain-

Buiochas le Dia for a lovely new car, with the emphasis on small and new. Thankful to be able to take a Sunday drive, sit in the river in Luray, watch the little silver fish catch the sunlight, as they jump all around me in the water. The water is not so cold yet. Some will not touch the water because of ducks, dogs and run off but I see the lively fish all around and know that I can step into it.

Finally Buiochas le Dia for all my lovely readers. As the Day of the Dead will soon be on us I am very grateful for all the ancestors, especially those who loved me into this life and encouraged me. You my readers also encourage me through your reading and through your clicks and comments. Buiochas le Dia is my prayer for you all. Love from Rosemarie. 

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