Meditation and a Preamble to a Silent Time

Celtic Cross – showing the pathways of spiritual energy in the body.

So when I wake up in the middle of the night, be it early as in 1am, or late, as in near 5.00 am, I go to the bathroom and crawl back into my cozy bed beside my mate. Then as I realize that I am not going back to sleep, I consider how I will do my now nightly routine of stretching, chanting and eventually meditating.

Sometimes I stay in my bed and guess at times, and try and keep my mate from fastening me down where I lay, with a bear hug. If he rolls too close, deep sleep breathing into my ear can be distracting. Meditating on my own is the better way in general, if the other person is not attempting to meditate with you.

Two different blues of the sky on Reddish Knob.

Noises in the street can come into my room, especially two boys at 1.00 am talking on the phone at the top of their voices to some screaming girls. That night I went out in my night attire, long tee and leggings, and after some gesticulating got the attention of my young boy neighbor. “I am so sorry” he said and asked what he should do. In my sweetest voice I said that going to the other side of that eight apartment building would solve the problem. It did.

For the last three night I got out of bed, drank some water and considered what I needed to carry upstairs to the big attic where I have set up a “bed” on the floor using a large sheepskin. It can be cold up there but the stretching and chanting under the blankets, bring some life into my cold bones and I am comfortable. The heat of the sun on the roof helps with temperature up there also.

The Aquarian Sedna chant starts with having to pay attention to the back bone and pushing the energy up along until it comes out the top of the head. The roof of the mouth is tapped by the tongue to acknowledge the centers deep in the brain, called the Pineal and the Pituitary Centers, the 6th and seventh Chakras.  The three deep breaths combine with the movement up the back. This part lasts seven minutes. 

We saw a little red here and there on the trees – and the Tree of Life is said to reside in the back bone.

When I was in Amritsar in India, we practiced Sadhna, as a group in a basement, and we were just minutes away from the Golden Temple. I have practiced in other places and especially remember Morocco in the early hours, as we vied with the local temples, who vied with each other as they sang their morning prayers. These awesome sounds are some of the sweetest memories to me. So I often hear the chimes of the big group singing it together as I practice alone. 

From the dreams – mine – and that is a fox with a light hold on my arm.

The rest of the chants are achieved with regular chanting with the eyes closed and the attention cast up toward the spot between the brows. I am not very good at this part but give an occasional nod to this discipline. When this sixty two minutes of chanting are over I am well stretched and relaxed from using some oils to loosen the flesh and bones that are trying to stick/shrink together in the wrong ways.

 I am expecting some healing but also resign myself that it will come in God’s good time when and if it does. I am learning to not be so intent on being uptight that I even have this condition. I always feel renewed after the fact of the chanting and meditation and freedom from the worst of the stiffness blesses me. 

An old dream image with a curent message for me. I put color into it at 3 am last night.

Now when I am going to meditate, I still the body and still the thoughts and close down my eyes and raise my attention upwards toward the inside of my head, where I think the 6th and 7th chakras reside and where the Pineal and the Pituitary glands associated with them are located.  It is an up and down and a pulling apart so I can visit with the Spirit of the one who still the waters. In this silence I wait. I try to not get hijacked off into the ten thousand things that I need to keep outside the door and in my outer court, so I can have a visit within the Holy of Holies. I want to be my own best priest. 

A grumpy side of me hustling around,

After raising up mine eyes to the mountains from where my help comes, when I get some way toward that realm, I may see a splash of red light chased with white, in a scatter going past me, I hope I notice this running flash but can almost miss it. I think of Moses in the Desert and having to hide in the cleft of the rock to see the back of God going by. He was in the desert for a long while trying to achieve his glimpse.

Something of the river from under the throne flowed, giving me a quick glimpse of the crystal water of life and the flash of gold and red and white.

A river in a dream – watercolor completed by a client prior to coming to session.

Let me never be tempted to darken the river of life in which I swim. Let we, as a peoples, and as nations, not be tempted to darken the great rivers of this world. Then the lovely sunfish of red and white and gold can freely swim. The crystal fish of the Christ can move together in all of us, where we carry it not just in the box of our church but in the box of our hearts and head, for the brightness of the river of pure Chrystal, flowing out from under the throne. 

Finally the Celtic cross(above) that I bought in Shannon Airport a long while ago fell down and broke as I dusted a shelf. When I examined it I noticed it carries some secrets. There is the secret of the chakras  denoted by the circles. Four circles of the lower body and two of the upper chest and the opening toward the higher through the top of the head. Those old Celts, sat on the back of the Druids, and wove in Christianity to include the chakras. The monks and the saints in the early monasteries may have had the secrets then.

All rivers are rivers of life – we just have to appreciate them and protect them collectively.(River at Rawley Springs above – maybe Blacks Run.)

I am feeling more relaxed after my three nights of practice, with a more concerted effort to be in communication with the presence of the One. 

I love to visit the waters at Rawley Springs. My new partner said he would pack a pix axe and swimsuit and take me there. I asked why an axe and he said to better break the ice with. It is not that cold and I would surely have jumped in if I went there. We contented ourselves with doing house work, and sitting and writing in between times.

Get your practice going on meditation. There are apps to get you started, mystics to follow, silence to keep, Yoga to attend, Edgar Cayce to read, (Virginia Beach Mystic), Bibles to read and miles and miles of thought to get through before you go back to sleep. As Rumi was fond of saying “Don’t go back to sleep.” He meant in more ways than one. Love from Rose. 

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