The Bhagavad Gita

I had a dream about the Bhagavad Gita. I was telling a client of mine to read and study it. He was a student, attending counseling with me, trying to finish up school after some years. 

I told my dream to a relative and he had the copy of the Gita, as translated and lectured on by Gandhi. I liked what Gandhi had to say and I thought I could understand it much better now compared to the time I read it in my twenties. 

I concluded this time around that the instructions were, that I should do what ever I saw to do, with all my heart. I did clean a bit better for a hot minute after I read the first few chapters. I hope also that it inspires me to put more heart into my counseling work, or to figure what more heart looks like in counseling work and in my life in general.

So I could take my dream to mean that I should study the Bhagavad Gita. The wilder male young energies in me, as represented by the student above, should study it but like that student, I would suffer from a certain inconsistency and find it difficult to follow through with doing things with all my heart.  I could look for that inconsistency. My observations help me catch on to the fact I let myself off a lot with a wrong attitude. Also I have things to learn about the spiritual path that I have not understood before.

Collecting Persimmons in my bike basket.

Chapter seven, verse one caught my attention and I could not leave that first verse, for a couple of weeks. It stopped me in my tracks as I tried to understand. “Make Me the sole refuge, … and (when you do that) without doubt, you will fully know me.” 

Beautiful Persimmons growing in Harrisonburg.

Rose is on the rose path of her own. I am my own sole refuge. I follow all sorts of diets, exercise regimens, rules about food, what is good and what is bad, as dictated by all different sorts of teachings, including teachings from my parents, churches, strong friends, colleges, supervisors, partners, intimates, clients etc.  Putting my sole refuge on the one who made us all is not considered and not in residence in the forefront of my mind. I go with the tree of good and evil. This is good and this is evil, as I have gathered up because of my traumas and other insistent inclines that are the basis for what I do and how I do it. 

But there is another instruction from our own Bible and the Garden of Eden. Eat from the Tree of Life. Leave the tree of Good and Evil alone. That means that I would need to consider what brings more life into the situation which in and of itself will help me with what I have no cure for. 

Autumn Trees of Life

I can not tell you how to live into the Tree of Life. 

But I can tell you this. Your attitude is important, the attitude of leaning into the one who sustains us, and to insist on getting help from that source first and foremost. My take away is not just to pray for the person, with whom I am having troubles But to pray for the relationship between us which bring in the possibility of more Love and Life and this mends the fences.

I had this other dream in which I was being reprimanded for being late. This goes with the original dream above about the Bhagavad Gita. It could be interpreted that I am not serious enough about my connection, making it strong enough to Love the one who sustains us all and to love my neighbor as myself. The person in this later dream had a long pole(perhaps forty foot) and dangled a piece of paper in front of me to let me know his complaint. When I looked at the piece of paper I saw that all the words were written with the tiny flowers of the Lilac bush. It was very beautiful. I could not read the words at all. It is like a slap and encouragement at the same time. 

I am the woman trying to read the braille of the dreams printed with the petals of lilac flower blooming in November. The pale purple of the flowers, the fragrance all speak of the beauty all around us and the beauty to be brought in as we try to talk, communicate, connect with the one who sustains us and each other. It is up to us, back in our court, what ever we want to take hold of, however we think to increase the fragrance all around us and have beautiful flowers even in the November of our lives. 

On Reddish Knob, West Virginia in the early Fall.

I will pray for you and you can pray for me. I am a little more consistent with that and you can be too. Remember at least a minute for every year of your life. Love from Rose.

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5 Responses to The Bhagavad Gita

  1. Susan Ochoa-Ruiz says:

    We are one. I love you Rose. Grateful for you. In Peace and Love Always.

  2. I am in my late teens, have read bhagavad gita twice and trying to learn and follow all the teachings that it provides.
    Thanks for this one rose. We are one!

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