Moriah and What Happened under the Bedclothes.

Moriah was in bed as she often was. She liked to go to bed at nine and get up when ever she woke up in the morning, usually between seven and nine, depending what the sun was doing. She had the habit of waking for two hours in the night to get into the silence of herself. This she liked to do, while she stretched her leg out of the bed to loosen up the sciatica area and or hang her head over the end of the bed and feel the stretch through her neck.

Hanging off the bed

Then she might be chanting or singing at the same time. It had to go on in her head because she was now sleeping with her new man, Garoidi.  If he was snoring loudly she could let some notes out into the air. However they had to coincide with his uvula flapping loudly.

The only problem was that her new room mate did not seem to understand her habit of stretching, meditating, being quiet and generally that Moriah is trying to be in another dimension, in the night. He did not understand that she believed that being touched in this time messed up her concentration and her energies. 

A little conflict

Initially she went up to the loft to sleep and do her meditation and that was a fine arrangement for both of them as they could be together at times and Moriah could still have her space to pray, upstairs. He made great efforts to bring her into the same bed as him and after some time she found she liked sleeping with him and would meditate separate from him, while bring together most of the night. 

As time went by and the winter came and the cold nights, she especially liked to lay her hip bones up against his back and feel the warmth spread through her. He was like an angel with fire in his wings keeping her toasty and warm. She got in the habit of meditating along side him. She got a new bed and with the extra room she felt she could stay put to meditate on the other side of the bed. 

He was blue in the face trying to figure out her shenanigans.

He did not understand this habit of hers. When she had moved away from him to the edge of the bed, he wanted to put hands on her to be sure she was there, to be sure she was his.

Moriah would tell him that when she was meditating he had to stay over there on his side of the bed and she could be separate, talking with God. He said he wanted to go along with that but in the dark of the bedroom at night, he felt like he was in the under world, that somehow in that silence, when her breath was so quiet, he felt aloneness and that she was gone, like a ghost without substance, perhaps she would melt into nothingness and he felt she was gone from him completely.

Maria did not have a lot of sympathy for Garoidi when she would feel him waking up, and half see him in the dark, on a moonlight night,  feel him through the bed clothes raising his arm up into the air, pivoted so that it was over her and come down silently, quietly, delicately onto her breasts. 

Moriah got a little mad at him.

As time went by, her patients seem to dry up more and more and as that hand pivoted and came towards her she would slap it away not careful that her nails didn’t touch him and mumbled that she was meditating and he had to stay over there. 

After she pointed her index finger at him in the dark, that seemed to have the effect of moving him over onto his side, like a bolt of lightening. He might move a little towards that side of the bed, his side of the bed, grumble, yawn loudly and not take his feet over to his side of the bed. Moriah had to go down with her feet and push them over towards his side of the bed, and like a baby that was being smothered under the blankets, violently push his errant feet, with two short kicks. Then the feet might move over an inch or two to his side of the bed.

Moriah lost in her own madness

He wondered if some barrier between them would do the trick, and said he was handy with wood and could create a wooden barrier with two holes in it to facilitate relations but otherwise they could be separate. Moriah felt a little huffy at this suggestion. He seemed pleased with himself, having found a manly solution to the issue. 

In the bed

He said he wanted to understand what she wanted but felt Moriah was kicking him slowly but surely out on to the wet window sill. Moriah wondered why he could not leave her alone in this time of her reaching. Lucky for Moriah he did not seem to hold a grudge toward any of these activities during the night coming from Moriah. He professed to love her dearly and Moriah could feel his heart felt care for her especially after meditating. He was like a warm light nearby lying there with lighted wings of love. 

In meditation

As Moriah meditated she was drawn inwards even as she was rolled out like dough again and again and came together as a scroll along her back bone. She would not give in to the cries for sleep or sex, or for any other activities while she meditated on her back.The end.

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