Let the dream interpret you. 

Instead of interpreting the dream, let the dream interpret you. 

I dreamed that I was on the rail line between Dublin City and Howth and I got off in Sutton and set off walking on that patch of land that goes out to Howth Harbor. In the dream I was wondering whether to walk the road, well-trafficked, or to make my way onto the beach and walk to Howth through rocks and sandy beach. 

Rocks leading up to a doorway in Wolfe Street in Harrisonburg

I reenter the dream. 

Active Imagination

I get off the train and use the stairs to get on to the bridge above the railway line. From there I have access to the beach. I see that the tide is in and I have to walk on some black rocks.The water comes up to my knees at one place.  I am thinking about the idea of past lives and how that might be part of who I am. I leave that thought to concentrate on not falling into the water, as I carry my shoes and bag, empty now of lunch contents, three apples and cottage cheese. As the beach widened I walk up along the sand.

It is early November and the Irish Sea is warm still after a lovely summer. The water is mostly glassy with a few ripples near the shore as the tide recedes again. 

Sandy Beach in Porto Rico

I am tired after a long day, walking on my platform shoes and working my office job.

I go into the water up to my waist. I think of the idea of walking on water and put my foot up on the water to see if I get any leverage. I fall forward on my face wetting my hair and not being able to swim. 

African American Teens from the Dreams

I exhaust myself a bit more but am enlivened by the water and the sunny evening. When I come back to the beach I spread out my coat and lie on it. Now warm in my clothes, I am soon fast asleep. And in this sleep this dream did come…I dream…

I am again walking up the beach 

Other Dream Figures

I see a figure, who seemed to come out of nowhere, in a robe of blue and white stripes. He is sitting on a make shift chair made of some sticks and canvas loosely slung together. He is sitting at a fire on the beach. He pushes a piece of wood with his foot as he invited me to sit myself at the fire.

Still Waters in the evening time on Shenandoah River, near Port Republic.

I am surprised at the offer to walk on the still blue water. The sun was setting, as we tried out our steps on the water, now changing colors to gold and reflecting many colors from a heavenly sky. We circled as I glanced out to Ireland’s Eye seeing that knob of land so near, so green, so beautiful. From there we flew to the island and walked the rocky path to the highest point. The waxing moon had found its place in the sky. This was a take off place for many destinations.  

Mandala Representation of IRELAND’S EYE

When we came back a fisherman greeted us warmly, as we left our dance. He gave us a parcel. This was some of the best tasting food I ever had. The drink was of a marvelous taste. 


I was awoken from this dream by a blue bottle fly trying to get in my open mouth. I sat up and rubbed by eyes and looked around. Distracted by the blue bottle I almost forgot my dream. I paused and began to back track through the dream. Did I really fly out over Ireland’s eye and see the moon rising over it? Was the moon a little dusty as I landed on it and who was that wonderful person that seemed to come out of my bones and make me feel at home in the magical waves?


The sun was about to go below the horizon as I left my dream musings. I gave thanks for the lovely dream and gathered myself and set off for my home located on Church Street, Howth. I planned to write that dream down in my journal and fill it full of all the details. I would draw some images too. 

Recent watercolor of a blending in together in the dance

That evening as I meditate I have trouble stilling my thoughts. I am sitting still easy enough. I bring myself back again and again to reducing my size into a small little happy baby pose, as I still my thoughts into a glassy sea surface. Suddenly there is a crack and something breaks away from me and falls on the floor. It happens more times and soon I am small enough to be in the middle of a lotus flower, the petals of which are falling away from me until there is a diamond light above me, blinding me.

As it settles down and as I go lower below the light I see it is a warm steady flame above me. Out of this space I send out this light, love and healing to what I see are the troubled spots in the world. I have a long list and as I go through it, focused on this point of light I am cleansed and healed by it. I send it to surround my readers too. 

I travelled to a marvelous place, Porto Rico recently.

Love from Rose 

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