Moriah Celebrates Springtime

Moriah and Druid Bernie were going to have some afternoon chat to celebrate the fine weather and the spring time. Moriah thought she could hear the sap climbing up the tree where she had put her arrangements out at the back of her house. She knew the green buds on the tall tree would be out in no time and the tiny new birds would be hatched out too.

Last year a fledgling  robin flew into the side of her head when she had startled it with her presence near by. The bird startled her too and she was thankful for the scattering it brought. She hoped she could be lifted up with the sap, hear its rushing, this year again, if only for a few seconds. 

When the Robin flew into the side of her head scattering her.

When she saw Druid Bernie coming down the lane in his great one piece robe, made on a loom by the dwarves, she was delighted. When he gave a low whistle, the mother hedge hog came out of the bank on the side of the avenue. The banks were covered with primroses, pale round yellow wheels surrounded with early spring greens.

The mother hedgehog rounded in front of him. She had three babies who stood and stared. Bernie found some dried berries in his pocket and gave them to the mother hedge hog who shared them with her babies. After talking to them all he pulled himself up and came on down the lane to Moriah’s house. He had a new walking stick but was moving just fine.

An old dead tree still has its place

The water pot was hopping on the fire ready to make tea,  and her fire was finishing off cooking her latest fare full of the last of the apples and dried blackberries and honey, eggs and cream. It was no time after greeting each other, that they were ear deep in the drooling sweetness.  

He pulled out his pipe and filled it. He had a little wooden pipe and she had one with a little hole in the side to let air in to burn the better with. They let the effect of the smoke wander over their full stomachs and empty brains. Now they were ready to talk. 

Cleaning up the emotions and moods

They talked about emotions and about moods and thinking. Bernie said that she had to realize that the thinking affected her emotions and mood and that she could control the thinking, reason with it, if she put her mind to it. 

Bernie brought up some old dreams she had shared with him in the past about horses. He said that sometimes her thinking acted as unbridled horses and appeared in her dreams as horses that came up stairs or horses in the barn that had evil intentions toward her. At the time  she never though that she was responsible for the mad horses. Now he thought she might be ready to consider her part in the wild horse dreams. Wake herself up a bit.

Many animals appear in dreams

He told her to make sure and get out of the way when a group of the horses came barreling down the street that would cooly run her over. He said she was releasing some mad emotions and it is best to get out of the way of intense feelings that are overwhelming. She could ask for the divine spirit to help her and know she would be helped and that the intense feelings would go away given a little awareness. Breath out and breath out some more, he told her. 

Othere dream horses

If that did not work she could go to a healing ceremony, stand in the middle and let the druids spin the black thorn sticks above her head until she could hear their whir and fall into that sound of healing that came after some time of spinning in the middle.  He was not sure she would need that but said he could arrange it if needed. 

Message from a horse of another color

He said that one never knows when one has stirred up a hornet’s nest inside by making a strong prayer to change from the same old same old to something higher. She had pledged her energies to helping others, by making more pure dream interpretation and she had pledged more kindness in her relationships. 

When she kicked out those opposing intense feelings it was the devil taking a pound of flesh on the way out that stirred up some illness, pain or accident. She should not be too surprised if she bumped herself in some way. It was just a reminder that the unconscious was adjusting to what she had pledged and more intentional releasing was needed. Breathing out such negative emotions would help again.

Chasing out – looking for a pound of flesh

Druid Bernie said that the important thing for her is to prevent that old boy from saddling back in on her old established patterns. If she let the same old emotions and black moods back in it would be seven times harder to start again.  

Moriah was not sure she could see any more of this and felt her eyelids drooping and her mind wandering. She went with it and was soon fast asleep. 

The three dreams

She had three dreams and when she woke up the Druid had completed three interweaving circles and in each circle he put the main image from her three dreams. Then he got up and said it was up to her to find where they intersected and especially to find that center in herself that was the center of the tree dream circles. 

He said he hoped she would not stay too much above in the trees with the sap, but come down where her dreams were leading her. 

And with that he was gone again. She always felt some pangs of loneliness at his retreating back but was soon looking into his circles. She hoped the wind would not blow the dust away and prevent her from figuring it all out. She would be sure to ask him about it on his next visit and she pulled out some paper and began making her own circles. How she loved to do that. 

The end. 

Love from Rose, Happy dreaming and happy figuring out, finding the answers within you.

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