Outpressing of the Spirit

I took the opportunity to breathe deeper, while doing my exercises, outside,  and to think in terms of a dream that I got some months ago, where I was told to breath into five purple “flowers” above my head. The injunction was that this breathing into the place of God, the seventh chackra, above the head yet connected to the head, would make them “more real.” 

I see a violet mist or color above my head, a rainbow color and texture.  When I got the experience, I bolted upright in bed and repeated a few times, “I almost lost that experience.” So real and at the same time fleeting, just beside the door to my conscious mind, which had opened to let me have this experience.  It was from the unconscious and manifested itself to my left and above me, as I looked.

Just a few days after having that dream, I saw a picture of a crosslegged monk, sitting in meditation, and five similar shapes over his head.

While on my travels in 2019 in Greece, I noticed I have a picture of similar shapes on the top of a church. 

I am full of prayers for this out pressing in myself. I noticed my thoughts clicking onto difficult issues and noticing a pain here or there as I exercised. I thought my pains were related to my habit of gnashing my teeth about some people and having a negative outlook on somethings unfolding in my life.

Gnashing teeth a little, taken in a cafe in San Juan, Porto Rico, earlier this year.

I am quick to point out to others to pay attention when they have a dream about false teeth gnashing the thumb bloody, but it is only when I can catch my own gnashing of teeth, that I have a chance of out pressing the spirit in myself. 

The hymn with the words “I am with you through it all… I go before you always, come follow me…” are dancing around in me for a few days. What ever I experience as difficult comes up to be cared for by me. I want to brood and block the flow of energy when I can be opening my heart to all involved, allowing that which is best to flow into the situation. “I am calling you over..” comes to be sung too. 

A little Knee capping from the dreams

So I am dancing in the weeds of buying and selling my house. Fears are many and varied and I will not bore you with details. But I will say it is causing me to let go again and again, to breath more deeply into my flowers. 

From the dreams -a helpful Virgin from a man’s dreams

My sister is traveling in the south of Ireland, close to where my sweet mother had a great vision of the Virgin Mary. 

My mother, felt so loved and so enveloped when the Virgin Mary smiled down at her. She made me come back there, to that little church in County Cork, when I was in my early sixties and we realized the specialness of that vision and it was not to be repeated on demand. 

Pregnant Virgin

This vision, she described, not twelve months before she died, was of “a house came down over me”, “everything fell away” and “The virgin looked into my eyes, with her smiling eyes,  and I felt so loved.” These are the memories I now have of her describing it when she was seventy and again when she was ninety. 

By the time she was ninety four she was a little hunched over, sitting at the side of the bed, blind, with her key board right in front of her where she could play hymns to Mary,  and she described her vision again. I love that she had that experience of the other reality, of her Virgin Mary, and that she had such clear memory, and had words to describe it at the end of her life. 

The Goddess Tara from another Religion. She is said to have seven eyes.

I questioned her about “the house came down over me” words that she repeated, when ninety, with emphasis, aghast that I was not comprehending. I became quite as she explained how the Virgin came close to her, swooped away from her place at the church and with the feeling of a rush of spirit, came into my mother’s near proximity, smiling at her, opening her heart. 

She said the warmth she experienced was visceral and stayed with her for a full year. She tried to explain to a near neighbor on pilgrimage with her and he patronized her and she feared to tell her confessor at the Carmelite Church in Moate.  However, her experience never left her and informed her beyond any knowledge from church or priest. It moved over her subjective knowledge and was given a Reality that did not leave her wanting. 

Finding the key – They may be already on your person – Five keys.

I hope you too can find this other reality in the midst of your meditation and in the midst of difficulties in your life. It is a great gift to be given such visions. I hope your can look into your dreams and appreciate that when your grandmother, in her nineties, shows up with special sparkly red shoes that that too is telling you something special. You have the choice to be a carrier of love, whatever the situations that comes your way. 

George Fowler* and Brother Merton, two Trappist monks, (one ex, one deceased) who spent years in silent meditation, in monasteries, describe situations which blew their realities away and left them changed. Knowing this other reality, that swamped them with love, filling their lives with not just a knowledge of love but with the Reality of Love within them. 

Love from Rose Marie. 

After reading about visions, and having one or two myself and being with my Mother's visions, I want to encourage others. A Reality that has a profound effect on those who have them. I often hear of them in therapy sessions.
From the dreams and a Mandala as well.

*From whose book I got the word “out pressing of the Spirit.”

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