Rising Risers

I meditate to come into contact with God and can spend two hours of a night doing that. I hope that has left a positive imprint on the house I am selling.

After early morning meditation on Virginia Beach

I know I have been successful with meditation, if I return to my bed and my partner says something like “it is the Bridgewater Yard sale tomorrow” and I am filled with brimming laughter and can not keep it suppressed.  He was the one who found my new house here when he went yard “saleing” and got lost. He saw the “for sale” sign. We were on it and we now have this house. I am in love with it and feel it is a gift from God. 

Gaelic for “Welcome to my house.” A gift from real estate helper, Mr Moore.

He also can go yard sailing and find exactly what he wants. He came back this past Saturday morning with a composting bin, some extension cords, some bird decorations and a vice grip. He said they were all on his list, things we need.

First sunset at the new house and the finder of the house.

That laughter was sweet and while it does not always happen it often happens inspired by something or other random that might happen to two people living in such close quarters. Laughter is said to be the “best medicine” and I love when I make people laugh and when I can cheer people up. It was an ideal of mine from way back. 

A witty friend, Pamela said “Something you found while packing.”

Selling my house in Harrisonburg City caused me to be negative about getting it sold. One real estate agent told me that my house is one of the few in Harrisonburg that have retained so much of the light and beauty of an old house, is preserved very well and has been expanded into a modern beautiful home.

Morning light coming in eastern window.

Some of the new construction came under the eye of the city and was approved. However, for some reason, the stairs put in ten years ago was not. The stairs was a little squashed into the available, most convenient space, resulting in narrow steps.  It has not been accepted by the city as “up to code,” which applies to all new construction.

After one phone call I cried for a while. Then I prayed and that made all the difference to my attitude and I immediately became less anxious, a sign I had made the right decision to redo the stairs. It was so hard for me, to tackle doing needed phone calls but was able to do it once I had made the right decision regarding the house.

My bible study crew are very helpful in encouraging me They made a point of praying for my house and this carried me in a little boat over the hump of resistance, doubt and fear. The city folks are helpful in saying they will expedite it and check plans and drawings to make sure it can go smoothly. 

Doing something is always helpful. Find where you are led to do the next thing. Writing e-mails to the city was it for me. I sent a drawing, pictures, words over several e-mails which brought the engineers to ask questions, which I answered and eventually they said they would visit my house. That is what I needed to go forward. 

I can now report that the “three risers” under the steps are in place and I am feeling that the stairs is like my back bone. As I fix this central part of my house, I am also fixing the central part of my back bone at my center. The risers needed raising 3/4 of an inch at bottom so that it could be within 3/8 of an inch of code which is “the magic number” to go forward with the stamp of the city. 

I think of my back bone and am thinking of raising my whole back bone up a little. Perhaps standing on my head by hanging off the bed or hanging over into a u shape will do the trick. 

Do what is on hand and then the next thing will come. I am looking for a literal rising of the energy through my back gone more freely. I will settle for that. The stairs at the house is icing on the cake.

The dirty dust (The title of a fun book I read, given to me by my sister in Ireland.It was concerned with eternal gossip, engaged in by the dead in a certain graveyard.It helps me let go of some of my own useless squabbles with others.)

I am exposed the the “dirty dust’ that comes with demolition to insert the longer stairs. We found the weight bearing wall and hung the stairs there. I breath out the dirty dust literally, and made some use of a mask. I also breath out what is not helpful in myself when it comes to opening up to the pattern in me that is of God. What handfuls of dirty dust do I breath through that needs sweeping clean out of my body, hidden and ignored for over ten years. 

The rock at Rawley Springs being held by the tree branches.

Prayers for finishing off the house and getting it sold by the 19th,  a date that was given to me in a dream relating to the house. I am not a fortune teller but am curious to figure out if that “19th” had a literal meaning for me and if it is attached to my house.

Do not stop meditating and spending time in nature, where it is easy to feel close to God especiallywhen you are determined to do that.

Love from Rose Marie.

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