A Course on Dreams

To my Prospective Students at Life Long Learning Institute

I can be found at these sites: RoseLongworth.com and Psychology Today

Man and his Symbols is the book I choose to reference. It was written and conceived by Carl Gustav Jung toward the end of his life, as a way to get the attention of the ordinary man. He felt he was 500 years before his time with dream work. He said that “Dreams are unopened letters to ourselves.” Through this course we will open some letters to ourselves. From the Bible they are referred to “God’s Forgotten Language.”

From work with my own dreams and others, the dreams are an organic part of our own offerings, uniquely ours, as if we are an only flower and the dreams are our unique conversation with this flower that is ourselves. 

I drew this image while at LL JMU Open House. I asked a woman for a dream and she told me one and I drew a representation of it here.

I recommend reading the above book and it will stimulate the unconscious, from which the dreams come to us. The book will give you an overview of Dreams, as set out by Marie Louise Von Franz. It is with her material in particular I wish to work with you. I would like you to consider drawing the dreams, recording the dreams and then telling the dream and getting feedback from others during this six week course.

I would like to give you an example from my own dreams on how they change as you work with them, how the underlying feelings can come up and help you see how that feeling may be blocking what it is that is in front of you right now. 

1st dream:- Naked woman picked over and her need for me to help her and my doubt about my ability to do that. See Blog “Keeping Belief in the New Year 2023” recently blogged. 

2nd Dream: a woman who has a book and is writing down how she is not happy about the work I have given her to do. She is noting that I do not have the right attitude to healing myself. 

3rd Dream: My old Dream Mentor is dying off near where I am with others. I interpreted that dream as the need to let go of being the student and becoming a mentor to others myself.

4th Significant Dreams:(see drawing above) I am in a dimly lit alcove, a cone-like structure above and wood looking appearance in the light of oil lamp or candle of other days gone by. I realize that I am there to facilitate the wedding of the man kneeling beside me to the left. Then I become aware that he has some gift for me and it is a black stone that he gives over to the center of my hand. When I turn it over it is carved. I am choked up to be given this marvelous gift. 

I am excited about this dream because the above dreams have morphed into this unity of a coming together. This wedding is an inner marriage, bringing together two aspects of the psyche, the sacred marriage that allows the person to be whole in a spiritual way. My inner work bring this rush of beautiful appreciation and feeling for the work I am to do. 

A baby owl appeared in the dream of a friend of mine. It was being sheltered under the feathers of a hen that was on fire.She loved this mug that is at my house.

I will walk you through “How to record your dreams.” and how to stimulate the unconscious to give you dreams if that is needed.

I will give you “Helpful hints to successfully record, draw and interpret your dreams.” 

These instructions can be found on this web site Rose Longworth Counseling. Click on Resources and find “Instructions for Getting Started with dreams.” As you read and scroll down throng this section you are invited to click on original blog dated March 29th 2018. There you will find ten instructions for getting stared with dreams and 9 instructions on drawing the dream. Also there are instructions for drawing your own mandala. There is also advice on dealing with nightmares. (Compiled for a class/workshop I gave at EMU to a class of master level students.)

Other subject may look at the interpretations of dreams in the Bible. There may be some talk about the Butcher and the Baker and why one lived and one died.

I have the privilege of working with individuals over twenty years, and always found myself asking for dreams. Because I am able to see the feeling in my own dream, my interpretations will be more complete. 

And you are invited to work with me in this group with one of your dreams and to watch them open up to you over the period of the course. You will be well on the way to being your own interpreted, considerer, and watcher of your dreams as they morph and bring you wonder, awe, deep feelings and sometimes cautionary pushes to reign in your shadow. 

I wrote the above to make sure I am ready for the class coming up at the Ice House in Harrisonburg Virginia starting at 10.00 am to 11.15 am on Monday, 30th January, 2023. I look forward to getting started. 

I has a little worry dream about it all last night and it went like this:

A little drawing of the dream

I remember this dream after waking up. I was reading the section of Genesis about the Tower of Babel – you may remember  ..it is about all the people babbling and not being able to understand each other, mostly because they had acquired the wrong attitude to God. 

It triggered remembrance of my dream as follows: I dream I have to read two pages out loud but am worried as I have not read it prior and notice there are symbols within the writing. Someone reassured me I have taught it before and will have no problem with it. 

I could interpret it as giving me reassurance that this is a good time to teach my class and that even though we will be a little intimidated with Carl Jung’s book, we will not be intimidated with our own material, which will come out flowing into our class and we will know and interpret our own symbols deep down, as they come bubbling and babbling into our own minds. 

Love from Rose Marie.  


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