Keeping Belief in the New Year 2023.

Image from another later dream.

I dream that I see where I left out two blankets on the back lawn at my old house.  The top of a head comes out from under the blankets near me. It sees me and dashes back in and crosses under the blanket at the farthest corner. But I am there and when they run out they run into me. There are four people. One person is holding a naked woman by the legs and they are running wheelbarrow style together. The others are not noticed if at all.

Naked and wheelbarrow style.

The woman was saving her legs as she cannot walk much and was walking on her arms. She stands up and is emaciated and grey haired. Her body has been attacked and her shoulders have been picked a lot by some bird, a crow, and is all messed up, skin spiking up away from the shoulder joints and other joints also. I have huge feelings around how I am going to help her, especially the joints.

Sometimes I think of myself as part art therapist as I use images to help with interpretation.

As the two weeks go by I have a number of other dreams. One is of an Art Therapist who is helping.  Can not see what she is doing except she is bending over her.  I interpreted that to mean I needed to draw the dream which I have. I rewrote the dream. Later I notice that I left out the shoulders picked over part. I keep looking at the dream, even as I get new dreams about a woman.

Another dream came of a woman, who has a job that I gave to her. She has a little notebook and is looking down. She has written reasons why she does not like the job I gave to her. (The unconscious wants me to change something.

I kept looking at her in my imagination and eventually, either she or I swirled around and I saw her eyes which had star light coming out of them. 

Starlight through the eyes the woman I gave a job to that is not happy with me.

I associated the first dream above to that part of Revelation, concerned with the church of Laodicea, where there are some verses saying…” I spew you out of my mouth because you are lukewarm. Don’t you know you are naked and blind and poor. Buy of me gold tried in the fire and white raiment…. “

The reason for the blindness and nakedness and poverty is because I do not believe I can help this girl, an older woman with hip and leg trouble. I am distraught in the dream that I can not bring her back from her wounds. I do not believe that I can do what is required for healing to happen for her.(even as I ask for healing I have no faith.)

If I consider this naked woman as part of myself, that has autoimmune disease etc, then I need to see how I do not have belief that I can heal myself, no matter how I try.

The church of Laodicea is connected to the Pituitary Gland, the highest center, that is associated with the master gland of the body. It is associated with the third eye and .. “If thine eye be single your whole body is filled with light.” 

Little churches of light on the North River after recent low temperatures.

This master gland can be connected with God, if used aright and it is from where healing goes to ourselves and others. The pituitary can send down a star from Heaven to help us, hence the stars in the woman’s eyes. 

I use the Edgar Cayce Readings to help with locating centers, chakras and glands in the body. One of the books(John Van Aukan) I have found helpful goes through the Book of Revelation. Based on the Edgar Cayce readings, he uses the Revelation material to show us how John the Devine was transformed through his associations with Jesus and through his own meditations, as set out in the last book in the Bible. 

A helpful book if you want some direction relating to meditation, mantra, breathing, and transformation.

The more difficult parts are not about the then political scene but about the internal scene in John, when he fought his way out of the ego, the shadow and went about turning himself around right until he was transformed into the fourth dimension of himself and had access to his higher self, the Christ Spirit, healing and Love. 

Why the picked over shoulders on the woman. It brought me back to the time I was in Ireland and the ram had not bothered to fight off a “scawl” crow who was picking its way to the bone of the hip, as the Ram sat there. (Those were the crows that attached the baby lambs, taking eyes out first. An association to Christ, the Lamb.) 

The upside-down of it all

My brother brought home the Ram and doctored him with some green salve, but I had serious doubts about his recovery. My dreams are trying to have me sink into the feeling of my lack of faith and to change that.

All of this interpretation is to say, I have to get busy and not abandon myself to laziness and generally let myself off the hook with my mad emotions and thoughts, my addictions to sugar etc. I know to change things, because I believe. The action comes out of belief.

I resolve to pay attention to these dreams and work through them, like a hen with new chicks, protecting them with love and with attention. Attention to dreams, to chakras, to body work, to what I ingest, mentally, emotionally and physically.

I think my mother had a prayer “My Lord and My God, I believe. Help Thou my unbelief.” 

Happy New Year, integrating the new born Spirit in you, whatever your persuasion. May you raise up, with the help of the Holy Spirit to knock off all that picks at you in an evil way. Happy dreaming to you and may you remember your dreams, associate to them, draw them and be happy to find out how to refine yourself, to be a better vessel, temple, God carrier on this earth making this a truly New Year full of a new song, a new belief. Love from Rose. 

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