Hawks and Meditation


Sitting on the deck at sunrise in June 2015.

(From Dream Leaflet, October 5th, 2013)

I had a lovely thing happen to me in meditation. I meditated in the night and then again in the morning, Saturday. As I was outside on my deck in the morning, I felt energy move twice inside me. The first was less than the second movement. There was a movement up through me than ended up as a mushroom cloud in my head. It was a bright white, but not blinding. Just a pleasant sensation – no hurt and no alarm.

Close to the same time I heard birds flying over me between the tree and the house. I opened my eyes to see that in the flock of small black birds, there is a hawk just flying along with them. And then the next flock came along and there is another hawk just flying along within  that flock. They were flying fast, all at the same speed.

Birds travel in the sky. Light travels inside

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1 Response to Hawks and Meditation

  1. rlongwort says:

    See Blog title “The Beautiful Hawk” for other hawk stories mixed up with meditation.

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