Healing Ritual before Surgery.

Healing Ritual based on the Our Father

Healing Ritual.

Healing Ritual Song .

Opening Song (Sing to tune of Mari’s Wedding)

Step we gaily on we go, heel for heel and toe for toe

Arm and arm as on we go, all for sake of (name of healing person).

Over fences hi and low

Hanging up and no way down

Past the gates and the guards

All for the sake of (name of healing person).

Plenty strength and plenty cheer

Plenty love to fill her creel

Plenty bonnie friends as well

Gathered for a healing

Hearts as bright as rowens are,

Brighter far than any Star

Fairest of us all by far

Is our darling xxx

Over hill ways up and down


Hanging up and no way down

All for the sake of healing.

Gathered here to hold her up

Standing together giving her hope

To follow where she has to go

All for the sake of xxxx (name).

In the underworld dark and dank

We her sisters wait and watch

Plead for healing to get her back

Mended in amazing ways

Healing Ritual of the Our Father connected to Chakras.

Our Father who art in Heaven. Connected to the Chakra that is the Third Eye. That Golden Bowl centered in the head, full of golden light to be poured down over us for healing.

Holy is Thy Name.The name of God is seated deep in the center of the brain, a pearl of great price. It is always there, never is lost. Name of God given, imprinted in everyone. We are all the same through this Holy Name. Faithful and True part of us. The Holy Spirit, flaming over our crowns, needs only asking to find the right words, to find the right flow.

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven – Throat Chakra. Bend the head to bend the proud and stiff necked to let a Kingdom come of God. There, under the Alter are those, who say  “How long oh Lord, holy and true must we remain under the Alter.” To hold back the bent and stiff necked and let out those clothed in white raiment scattering healing 40, 60’ 100 percent.

Give us this day, our daily bread, the chakra of that built into the floor of the pelvic basin, connected to the sacred bones of the Sacrum. We have been given  white light here. Tonight we send it up directly to the Crown, like a primer, to bring down the healing. Giving up the earth of us. A place to grow a Tree of Life, Fruits twelve, one for every month, for healing what ever comes up, Leaves for the healing of the Nations. Fruits to turn everything around in all of us. Turning Turning we turn around right.

Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.The debt we owe to God for ignoring the path of God for us. So asking for that forgiveness as well as forgiving others. In the Solar Plexus, allowing that infinity to embrace both these forgivenesses. And in this forgiveness, finding grace and healing flowing, light flowing from highest to lowest and lowest to highest, crossing the Solar Plexus twice.

And lead us not into temptation, the seat of the emotions in us. Give energy back up to the highest way. Lead me not into temptation for ourselves only but give up out will into growth, for filling to overflowing the golden bowl of the sacred name, coming down again to grow that Tree of Life. There is a choice of moving from this to that healing. Letting the Light travel in both ways.

But Deliver us from evil. The Heart, The place of Christ, Love and compassion and warmth. Strong protection. Holding that basket. Which gives us the morning star, which shines out of the growing Tree of Life. Gladly finding that love in us for xxxx (name of the healing person), letting her lean on us as we are on the journey. Pour fourth we beseech thee oh Lord, thy grace into our hearts. May divine assistance always remain with xxxx (name).

For Thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory. For the Holy Spirit, for the Water of Life, For the Tree of Life to be in us as we support xxxx (name).


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