One drop of which…


Photo taken by my daughter Annabeth McNamara, styled by Rethreads Charlottesville.

I hear the whisper to get up and sing at church, and I think “not that song again. It is too high and too low.” Nevertheless I sing my own version “Healing River send down your water to wash me into the Promised Land. My land is parching, my land is thirsting, no seed is growing in my shadow lands. Oh healing river, send your waters down.”
Put a oneness into my backbone. A brightness, a flow of jade circulating both ways around my heart, giving strength, beauty and roundedness, protection. Touch my seeds of healing awaiting awakening, for me, for others, enlivened by the water, into the water of life. The heart laced, sprung in gold springs, ballooning, sending out love, those seeds.
Are you your own beloved, with that water of life that got beneath the feet of Jesus, and kept him up? The water that got him onto the cross, that got him resurrection, that had him say, “My God, My God, you have not forsaken me,” as he let go on the cross.
And me: – Seeds that brings me the dreams of being pinched as a child by a housemaid, that brings me the shaking of the brass bed that brought childish delight. The round brass nobs, shining on the outer rods, shaking, until they fell, onto the wooden floor. That brings me the dream of the laughing little black horse that shook the bed with me that shakes it up now again. That pops up a pinched neck pain in the here and now, asking for the healing water. Help me loosen out the bent and pinched neck in me, ready to let the flow of the will of God flow through that neck, 5th chakra, place. That replaces the will of Rose with the will of God, and seeking into knowing what that is for me now. A little more writing, a lot more love, a little more dreamy stuff.
Sending our a prayer for peace for me and for your. The inversion that gets the flow of loves flowing outward as well as inward.


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