Happy New Year and Dreaming

Dreams collected in Nepal and India.

While on my recent travels, I deeply affirmed my intention to take hold of my gift of dream interpretation and to bring this to people I am with. I was with 17 adults and one tween, traveling companions, and also other guides along the way. I knew quiet a few on the trip but whether I knew them or not, I felt free to ask them for a dream and draw a representation of what I heard. This process helped me get close to everyone on the trip, because looking at the drawings opened new avenues of understanding between them and their inner selves and also with me, their witness. I had marvelous conversations with one and all.


Vickie, a fellow traveller, sharing the same lodgings, told me a dream about trying to go to the Island of Jewels. She did not get to go to her Island but saw the stormy water roil itself up into a large ball of beautiful light. This dream was an old well-remembered dream for her. She said that in her belief system, an event in a dream as hers, is call a “Tigley,” meaning “vision of light.”


I dreamed last night about my old dog Monty, buried 10 years ago in the fall. In the dream he came racing in to greet me and licked my forehead and then raced away again.I was powerless to resist him. The dream came with a strong visceral sense that woke me up.These are some watercolors of Monty that I painted when he was little more than a pup.


Enjoying the yard


Monty not reading a book and the pet rabbit at his feet


Monty in captivity on the back deck.

May these collection of drawings connected to dreams, jewels of the unconscious, bring happiness to you on this second day of the New Year and may your year continue to be in curiosity of such jewels, that you produce all by yourself.






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2 Responses to Happy New Year and Dreaming

  1. I really love your service to the DreamMaker in all of us and how you incorporate the shadow into the waking and sleeping sides of life! And your paintings of Monty! Wow! Divine Dog!

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