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The Known and the Unknown

Personal art work, collage, relating to a wonderful dream about being totally accepted as I am . Self portrait is the middle picture. 3rd Picture is artwork around someone’s else’s dream. How do I get out the needle and thread … Continue reading

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Happy New Year and Dreaming

Dreams collected in Nepal and India. While on my recent travels, I deeply affirmed my intention to take hold of my gift of dream interpretation and to bring this to people I am with. I was with 17 adults and … Continue reading

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Smile and Smile and be a Villain

A short story about how the Divine Feminine can come through you and disturb the inner man in another. How story and drawing brings another layer to be considered, connected to spiritual in man. Continue reading

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The Beautiful Hawk

  The hawk is upright, white breast fathers puffed out, relaxed, silhouetted against a cerulean blue sky on the dark bare branches of the tall walnut tree. (A photo of the walnut tree this morning in the rain.) At his … Continue reading

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Healing Ritual before Surgery.

Healing Ritual based on the Our Father Healing Ritual. Healing Ritual Song . Opening Song (Sing to tune of Mari’s Wedding) Step we gaily on we go, heel for heel and toe for toe Arm and arm as on we … Continue reading

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