The Known and the Unknown

Personal art work, collage, relating to a wonderful dream about being totally accepted as I am . Self portrait is the middle picture. 3rd Picture is artwork around someone’s else’s dream.

How do I get out the needle and thread and sew up the divide between the conscious and the unconscious, evacuating those memories that come up in a mood and take me into my cloud, flying me out of my body and sliding me around on my guts spilled out on the floor.

I want to find that needle, to become the eye for the thread, the porthole for the seeing back, so that I am threaded into bringing all things to my remembrance.

In my daily meditation I settled. I said “thank you” for the above complex eruption in response to criticism and then I sat in silence. I saw two separate strands interwoven around and through each other without beginning or end. Brightness comes through, light greens and pale yellows all around. An image for the opposites coming together, linking the chakras, the way between the solar plexus and the heart, from the fight or flight and into love.

Love , compassion goes out to reclaim the scattered, above and below me. I recognized then that I had not forgiven, been forgiven. In that moment all that I held down and dear, self protection, fear, selfishness, revenge, in my complex, in my cells, turned over, a turning to Spirit. No longer a ritual but felt sense. Doing my own work, unhooking from complex in myself, a knowing of what was unknown. An act of contrition, that splits me open, for a cleaning out, for a chance to sew up the divide, where the name of God is not lost, where the old hurts are not left to fester again to appear another day.

The internal process of turning off what I want, sitting in silence and saying “Thank You” worked it’s magic, a return to Oneness. Something solid as a rock, warm as a summer’s day, sweet as honey came pouring down, leaving me sitting in peace, bearing witness to Spirit.

Reach out with outstretched arms and continue with this reach toward Spirit regardless of what pillar of salt tries to take me from behind from your own psyche.

The times for my dream groups are as follows:

Tuesday Morning at 10.00 am and Wednesday Evening at 5.30 pm. Please contact me through this web site if you want to get the details and if you want to be there. I am gathering up for a beginning in Mid February, when we can pay attention and claim a little more of the unknown in ourselves through work with dreams.

Artwork below is a collage of pictures gathered over the years of images from other people’s dreams. The plate is from the Gospel of Saint Columba. The other picture is a photo I took while in Katmandu in Napal at the Monkey Temple.

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Licensed Professional Counselor. Dream specialist.
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2 Responses to The Known and the Unknown

  1. YES! Claiming the unknown and dissolving all projections–this takes total courage! Beautiful writing and amazing insights! Dissolving into the One behind the trillions of seemingly separate forms! THANK YOU!

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