The mandala above,created after the vortex dream, is showing me my unconscious and these lines and circles are an effort to put order on my chaos. I was talking to a friend, while I drew. I like it when my conscious is busy, when drawing a mandala, as it takes away the desire to create with judgment, with desires for the mandala. Mandalas are soul work.


I named the Mandala of the coffin above for my father. I may be in the process of burying that entire mask in me belonging to my father. There is the mask and the reflection of the mask, fallen down and ready for a funeral and a later burial. Buriels are always preceded by reflection on the life of person being buried. It is usual to review all we know about the subject for burial and then I learn more about myself .  As the green of the heart opens, some memories will come to me relating to my relationship with him, when I escape into my right brain in meditation. Finally is that the red cardinal on the roof escaping? Am I going up to the roof and the sky to get a better view of the truth?



The third mandala above was created this morning and I created it mostly without my left-brain present. Closed my eyes, used my non-dominant hand and spun the paper around. Then I referenced the center of my brain instead of the paper. I also picked the colors to use with my eyes closed initially. After I opened my eyes I knew where to place color and shape, using what was before me. I like to think this drawing came to me as a result of deciding to not think any negative thoughts for three weeks as an experiment. I already feel much lighter. It also brought back to me, what I had forgotten, let fall into a long ways away from me, that love needs to be in the center of things, positivity.

The free yoga class at The Center here in Harrisonburg was cancelled at noon. I missed those strong workouts today. So I filled some of the time collecting a random dream, which always makes me happy. The dream of someone who was at pains to point out that she was not like the person she dreamed about. She tried to get a lovely silver colored dress from a female relative she admires. We both laughed when I said she would have to be nicer to her co-worker if you wants to waltz around in that beautiful dress. She did not believe in dreams or their ability to tell us how to take ourselves on and change and improve those elements of us, that deny our own bitchiness, and only see it in the other. Deep down she wants the dress. Deep down that lovely person is her, showing her what is possible to get for herself. A silver dress the color of the silver moon.

Contact me if you want to focus on dreams and mandalas. See below for contact information.


Riding my bike, out and about, inside and writing this day.

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2 Responses to Mandalas

  1. Margot Bergman says:

    Hi Rose, congratulations on the new style outreach.  I am so happy to see your  painting be a big part of what you share!  Beautiful work in writing too! love, margot

  2. rlongwort says:

    Thank you do much for your attention. You were a favorite teacher/mentor of mine at JMU. Love Rose

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