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Leprechaun 4 Story

The Leprechaun went out on his travels again only to find himself blinded by a red mist. He was carrying a door on his back, as he felt sure he would open that door and find someone helpful there someday. … Continue reading

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The Song of Love from the Flowers

Photos above are of Rose in the Hill and Dale Park, enjoying the buttercups. Once my mentor told me that I should be like the hen, who is hatching eggs, when it comes to my spiritual life. Like a mother … Continue reading

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Red Mist Dream

This blog is about referencing my source as I go. If I do not do that, do not have a compass for the Divine, I am lost in the mist. We have a compass of intuition that continually helps us … Continue reading

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Happy Easter Greetings

On Easter Sunday morning, I fell into a tomb in the garden. The man was dead, bound and gagged with linen cloths around his body and around his head. There were great jars of spices. The tomb smelled of the … Continue reading

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Leprechaun Story 3 and the Fridge

The Leprechaun story Chapter three. He asked his wife, Mariah, for a rope to help him get into the mine, where he felt sure he would find the gold.¬†They went into the basement looking through her bucket of twine, threads, … Continue reading

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Red in the First Chakra

Currently my knees and other joints are hurting, and I am trying to connect my dream, outlined below, to this effort I am making to heal my joints. I read that the first chakra, which is red energy, is the … Continue reading

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A dream of Intuition

I dreamed we went into a hotel with our toddler. We went to bed and when I woke up I realized what I had forgotten about our child and she is not with us. I have this devastated feeling of … Continue reading

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