Intuition and Leprechaun Story 2.

My personal interpretation of the last dream blogged, challenged me to use intuition in my life and have a good attitude.

A colleague asked her intuition if she should work with me, and she got a vision of me saying,“Ave Marias.” She understood that I had said so many of them in a past life, my soul was still saying them in this life.She noted she saw me as a nun, dressed in a sage green habit. Around the time this was happening I was thinking I would like a sage green carpet and sage green clothes. My visiting daughter brought me a plate as a gift with a sage green tree on it.

2017-03-23 10.18.54

The plate I got from my visiting daughter.

That story gives brings me delight. From the time I was 19 years old, I was told by psychics, that I was a nun in a past life.

When it comes to food and exercises, I have the least amount of intuition. I am often dragged off into what I feel like, rather than what the body wants to heal itself. So many associations swing us one way or another. The kitchen sink of these disciplines is to eat more fruit and vegetables and keep exercising. This alone will make me more intuitive.

I wrote down yesterday’s dream and did a right side of the brain exercise with it. In the dream, I was trying to get some nebulous bad energy out from under the table, by using lumps of incense that sent up lots of smoke. In last night’s dream I want the other person to pull the plug out of the bathtub full of cold water, instead of doing it myself. Claiming my coldness in the situation will be helpful in getting my offences up on to the table so I can resolve that thorny relationship issues I do not want to acknowledge. By pulling the plug on myself and letting the cold-water flow away I will be in a better attitude. My previous attitude was one of, “I am sad, I will pray for the person, I am blameless.” Acknowledging my trespass of coldness will be better.

Finally I have been thinking about the figure in my drawing in last blog. I think that acknowledging the presence of my own middle manager will be helpful, maybe having a talk with him. I will let you know what comes of that active imagination, when I am successful.


New Leprechaun Story – Bed 2

She found him in the morning putting on his blue shirt, one arm in and the other stretching into the sleeve as he turned to catch what she was saying.

She was intense about the bed. She wanted to tell him her troubles and did start on about everything having slid to one side and no one to help her rectify it all. The bed was huge and she so small.

She asked him “What if I took a photo of the bed when it was perfect?” She followed him into the kitchen to the hob where he makes two fried eggs and coffee. He scatters some special spider dust on the eggs before he turns them over.

She dislikes the smells, but she holds her nose and her tongue about this. What if she wrote a story about the bed, treat it all as a dream; investigate what she is sleeping in and such things. He grimaced at her as he went out the door. She knew he was off on that useless errand of making pots of gold again.

Then she woke up. The bed was indeed a mess, with everything out on the floor on her side of the bed and the only things in their places were the lapis lazuli stone with its blue glitter, and green stone, full of copper and that round rattle from Banff in Canada, all gifts to her to enhance her dream life and to protect her. She was relieved that those stones were doing their job and she had not been stolen into some weird hedge in Ireland with the Leprechauns. She resolved to sit outside with her paints today and make a new painting of the bed and its problems. And if the painting happened to be about something else altogether, like making your bed and having to lie on it, she knew she could blog about it and get it off her chest anyway.

2017-03-21 13.58.52

Unconscious unfolding

If you have something to get off your chest, have a bed you do not entirely understand or like, be sure to contact me through the contact tab and we can talk. I am available Monday through Friday business hours and otherwise by appointment for some dream talk.

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2 Responses to Intuition and Leprechaun Story 2.

  1. Wow! This writing and artwork register high on the scale of very alive life force and high-thymus activity! This is the story of a person who is very individual and committed to knowing herself! She helps others in the same way! Astounding creativity! Inspiration to KNOW THYSELF~~~the ever mysterious SOUL is calling!

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