The Equinox and my dream

I had to give my cats back to their owner and leave my friend’s garden. Today I took pictures of my inner plants.

2017-03-20 14.03.37

From my indoor gardens

The Vernal Equinox Prayer

May you make time in your light filled life for the inner light to grow, in you personally, secretly, lovingly, patiently, and that the beautiful blue sky reflect it back and that your beautiful heart is expanded, leaving you laughing and lightened.

2017-03-20 10.09.24

A little gold hanging about


The Vernal Equinox occurred at 6.o28 am this morning. Many people meditated at this time to set intentions, to be in the presence. That huge burst of energy, that comes with this shift in the cosmos, affects us. I felt that movement in myself at 2 am and again after 6 am this morning, as a flying backwards, when I meditated. This impetus is said to last for a couple of days. I fancied I felt it in my yoga class when I danced, I just had to dance backwards, do handstands and feel that pull into relaxation that felt like molasses. I hope you can find some way to take advantage of all that energy going around.

And now for the Dream of the murderer, promised for Sunday and not ready until Monday.

2017-03-20 09.54.54

I am going to work in a factory and I am introduced to the middle management person. He is a murderer. I say I will not work with him and three upper management people come to have a meeting to see if I can work there or not. Another man is sitting in my bed and has the same agenda, to get me working with the murderer.

The woman has a red area around her neck. The four men have my father’s coat on them, as do I.

2017-03-20 09.55.49

Detail of red at the throat chakra

The father’s coat represents something of him that came to United States with me in 1985. My father was dying of cancer at that time and the coat, my mother thought, was not needed. My father decided to go to Knock shrine to be cured, a few short weeks before he died, and his coat was not to be found on that morning of departure for the shrine. I was still in bed when my mother stormed into the room, to find the coat and realizing at the same time that she had sent it ahead to the States with my young husband. My father had to wear some old farmyard navy blue coat and I felt terrible. The belt of the old coat was missing, so that the coat had to be worn with a mismatching belt. Missing buttons had ripped some small holes in the front. He made a joke about it to ease the tension. It was a cool day in June when he went. I kept and even drew the coat for an art project at JMU. My old mentor, Rose Breda, said, “get rid of it” twenty years later. I am still wearing something that the coat represents in my dream.

2017-03-20 09.55.14

The blue bed

In my drawing, all of the management guys have some version of horns. I watched my father “sculling the calves,” by rubbing caustic soda into their horn roots, so they did not grow. My father had some complicated ropes involved in getting this done to hold the wild things in place, long enough to scrub out those developing horns. The heads were drippy for a while after the sculling. Prior to that I believe the horns were removed by sawing them off when the cattle were grown. A bucketful of horns and the feet of calves tied tight flashed in my mind.

There will have to be a meeting to wrest away power from the ego brokers and the henchman who would have me be owned of that energy of the beast of the ten horns. The man, who represents middle management in my dream, is the person in real life, who may be executed for arranging to have the mother of his child murdered many years ago.

2017-03-20 09.57.09

The rope has an end but no beginning. A tail perhaps?

Mr. murderer, that energy in me that is frankenstienish, with the square head, with no feelings of love, who kills the spirit, the feminine side, is showing itself.

The colors in the drawing are also informative. That off yellow is connected to male energy and the red to anger in me. Sitting in the blue bed brings in a cool headedness about how to deal with this unhelpful, ambivalent, negative patriarchal streak in me.

 The fifth chakra is associated with the Thyroid at the throat level. What the spiritual church of the throat area in us, Sardis, has to offer, is hidden under the altar and says, “How long oh Lord, holy and true do we have to hide under here” when the environment is too hostile for the light spirit of this chakra to show its neck, in real life. The peace of “Thy will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven” is at this level of the fifth chakra. The standards of this church of Sardis, as I live my life, requires more intuition and adjustment into the right attitude to all I meet every day. That truth will make me free.

If you find that you have an inner fight on your hands and you have to deal with some old coats and a murderer, thorny thoughts, sculling and horns, call me or leave me a message under contact above and we can get to work with you and my DREAM LEAFLET to find a way to the right attitude and of course happiness.

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2 Responses to The Equinox and my dream

  1. Prem says:

    Really wonderful! Thanks for sharing! Great reminder of Vernal Equinox–explains my green angel visit in the dreamtime early this morning! Spring arrived with a refreshing blast of green light! May all things grow with our love!~~~~~~~

  2. jgmcnamara says:

    I bhfirinne cheapas go raibh me leat ag an am freisin………..ach ag titim ar aghaidh!

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