Leprechaun 4 Story

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The red mist of the night

The Leprechaun went out on his travels again only to find himself blinded by a red mist. He was carrying a door on his back, as he felt sure he would open that door and find someone helpful there someday. The door was red.

The mist had many shades of red, from dark red to shades of purple. He found himself walking on a road he had not been on before, and when he saw the signpost for Kilbeggan, he was relieved. He went down over a narrow bridge at a sharp bend in the road and came to a fork on the road he knew. He turned down that road and found his way quickly.

He was home before his wife started going on about the bed clothes being crooked.

2017-04-20 20.09.22

The crooked quilt

In the morning they made the bed together and it looked fine. She climbed onto the bed to do her usual exercise of doing a handstand off the bed.

She lowered her head down toward the floor and blurted out “The bedclothes are all crooked from down here.” He replied, “No they’re not, it is you that is crooked.”

She knew she had a crooked cactus, a crooked stick, a crooked hedge, and perhaps even house, but she was sure she was not crooked.

2017-04-26 10.34.28

She replied, “No, you are crooked.” He stepped over her as she had turned around in her handstand and slid onto the floor and was now doing legs up the wall pose, blocking his way. He had his loose boxers on and indeed she had a fine view of his white legs, from where she lay. He replied, “It is not crooked.” He swept himself into his green pants of the day and hurried out the door, continuing on his quest for gold.

When I woke up that morning in my bed, I was glad I was not that weird woman with the quilt that was in my dreams again.

I had another dream of my house being burned down and having to cope with that. I mused about the dream as I went about cooking and cleaning and writing and painting that day. Then I remembered it was the tall skinny farmhouse of my childhood I dreamed of, leading me onto the road less travelled…

I would be delighted to hear from you in the comments about any dreams you’ve had lately.

My intention is to be helpful to those who would like extra insight into their dreams. 

If you are that person, you can contact me through the contact tab on the navigation bar.

Thanks for reading this story as it unravels,

May the road rise to greet you and the wind blow in some good dreams!

-Rose Longworth, LPC



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  1. athewriter says:

    I especially like that red mist of night pic. Very very cool!

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