Beyond Good and Evil

Half way through my meditation, I had a thought about the person who drives by my deck and shouts something to me. I have strong feeling about this “space invasion.”

Some years ago, while on my deck meditating, thinking about a complainer, a brick came loose in my chimney above and started coming down.

2017-04-26 19.15.16

The wayward sooted brick

I was shielded from the noise by a wall and roof above, but I started to rise up, as the banging racket got nearer and nearer. It echoed off the house across the street and fooled me into thinking it was not related to my house. I was lying on the deck for that meditation on a frosty morning covered with blankets. The brick came down, prized loose by the frost and the gas vapors from my furnace. It ricocheted off the deck railing, and onto the deck, denting it inches from my where my head had been.

2017-04-27 08.05.36

Still Dented deck.

So here I am some years later, ricocheting my mind to a driver, who is currently not on my road and who may not be for months. I see myself flinging that brick at her windshield and then pretending it fell out of the chimney. I catch this, less than benign thought, right in the middle of my holy meditation. I call myself back. I check the time. I am half way through my 66 minutes.

I saw the serpent laughing so hard at me, saying to me “I tempted you and you fell into it, hook, line and sinker. You declared what is wrong and that person in the car was wrong, for having the nerve to invade your space, to say something to your highness.

You were eating from the tree of good and evil. This judgement for right and wrong is hilarious. You were biting into that brick, as if it was a large juicy apple. I will not hurt the hair on your head, but you are sure easy prey even as you pray. I would not be surprised if the chimney fell on you, and you do it all by yourself, bring down this on yourself with those thoughts of yours.”

A crow weighed in from the top of the walnut tree saying he had no idea why I went so berserk, and he could see the red energy all the way from the top of the tree, even as he was being bombarded by a cowbird, for eating her eggs for breakfast.

I got serious about the silence, and I left down my beef in my garden and started to say the Buddha prayer for that person; “May you be well, may you be happy, may you be at ease, may you be safe.” I sent out the Christian prayers of healing too, surrounded her with the light of Christ.

2017-04-27 08.06.53

Sunrise Azalea

I went back to being busy with my own life, after asking for some loving energy to round out and smooth my day, and be concerned with the Oneness.

Your comments are as welcome, as those of the crow, relating to this writing or anything else. I am handling snakes and you can say what you like to me. I put all snakes in a bucket in the basement and am waiting for them to turn into red tulips. I will take other tulip colors too, including blue, black and white.

And if you want to look at some dreams, I am happy to look at them with you.  Feel free to make an appointment with me and we’ll investigate how the Serpent is tempting you these days.

May the wind be back and blow you in some great dreams,

-Rose Longworth


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Licensed Professional Counselor. Dream specialist.
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6 Responses to Beyond Good and Evil

  1. Margot Bergman says:

    Hi Rose, Good story. Very spirited. I have a recent dream that fits the subject: I am moving house. There is something about the old house I am leaving behind that I want to see stay the same – not to be dismantled…. Context: I have been praying to be of Service and that it be raised in quality and quantity. So then something more is asked of me, and I’m feeling, “Oh, noooo!” I decided I’m weary of this tedious LIKE / NOT LIKE syndrome about countless little preferences as to how my/our kitchen is organized. But of course it’s difficult to move away from an habitual mindset… I mean, just don’t eat the special bread I bought for Ian and me, crowing about how the end-piece is your favorite slice! Well, we know, I can afford to buy another one. But about a dozen times a day I wonder if it would be alright to tell her that the end piece is my favorite, too… or how I might just slip that into the conversation.

    • rlongwort says:

      Dear Margot,I had a memory about Rumi telling a story of how a guru said to his student who was thinking of bread as they were travelling, and they were hungry. The master said to the student “why are you only thinking of bread. Bread will come to your funeral etc.: I laughed when I read your story and thanks for sharing, and for your good wishes. Rose

  2. margot bergman says:

    Hi, Rose, I think I left a comment, but I don’t find it. Love to you, margot

  3. margot bergman says:

    Oh, well there it is.

  4. Malinda says:

    NIce work, turning your negative feelings into a prayer. I know I need to work on this presently. We’ve had a lot of resentments in our family lately… mine and others’.

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