Labyrinth and Leprechaun

He feels like he is not getting anyplace but dreamed of two places and they were marked with an x in his dream. The only place that came to mind was the Labyrinths and as there were two in his area he decided to visit both.

photo 4-22

The Labyrinth at EMU

When he got to the first one, the stones seemed blue and there was a wealth of clover and other low growing plants on the Labyrinth path. He took off his boots, the better to feel the soft plants and in order to be connected to mother earth as he journeyed toward the center.

photo 4-13

The Leprechaun boot

He kept watching the stones, as they hypnotized him into an altered state so that he could have some enlightenment at the center. He hummed some tunes also to himself.

When he got to the center he saw two beings at the edge of the Labyrinth. One was writing in a book and the other had a book of maps. They said that their belief is that the Goddess of Nature would come to the Valley and that she would come through the beautiful landscape and that people would be converted to a new sweetness and love for each other and for the land through her.

2017-04-20 19.58.54

The Goddess of the Valley

He looked down at his feet

photo 2-24

Feet on the Labyrinth

to see if this was real and when he looked up there was nobody there, only two shadows., that quickly faded.

photo 5-13

Shadows only remained

The warm stones were under his feet and a lovely valley all around about, with the three ranges of mountains holding all in place. In this silence he forgot all about the gold and the mines and stared at redbud blossoms instead.

As he walked slowly home he thought about his wife and her bad mood that morning. She was grouchy, as he had taken the last two Lucy eggs for himself. He needed the eggs, and besides, they were the eggs of his favorite hen and she had promised them to him. His wife took them for her own without any permission from the hen or him.

Mariah was in such foul humor that she went out to see the hens and to discuss the whole situation with them. Her ears and throat were still clogged up and sore and she had great difficulty hearing anything or making any sense of their “gawk gawk” noises. She was also hoping for some freshly laid eggs but it was still too early. Lucy seemed to understand about Mariah’s mood, which was not what she wanted to be displaying all day, as she went around by herself. The tea got too strong, the honey she used for sweetener, had honeycomb in it and was floating on top of the tea, and the milk would not mix well and a million little specks of white looked back at her from her favorite cup.


Tea cup from her mother’s china

She sat outside to sew and decided that the bear motif for the quilt was not working; he was the grumpy one. Three fledglings landed in turn near her. A tousled looking cardinal, a beautiful blue jay and a young mocking bird visited her in turn. The blue jay landed within a three feet of her, at her side and the cardinal was straight in front about 7 feet away. They noticed her grumpy eyes and not knowing her intent, these two flay away as soon as they could turn. The mocking bird found something to eat and sat right in front of her to swallow and look very satisfied with breakfast. She hooded her eyes and stayed very still so the mocking bird might tarry. She decided to try putting birds on her quilt. She was sure she had a pattern or two someplace that she could use.

When Rose woke up the next morning her house was quiet and she jumped out of bed to start the day, as the sun seemed to be up high in the sky already. She had a poem wandering around in her inner brain and she wrote it down.

photo 5-11

Three Birch Trees grow together

Three Birch Trees,

Grown together

Unfurl their skin,

To feel, to breath

To fly back

To the beginning

And she in vigil

Feels a veering out

Unfurling around her trunk

Licking her alive

Flung back

To her beginning

photo 3-29

Young man from the dream

She dreamed of the young man who was slipping off her red quilt she was making. She dismissed it completely. That was enough contemplation for one day.

If you have some dreams that seem like labyrinths and would like to discuss the ins and outs of the whole circle of the dream, in an effort to find out what will make you love you, yours and your valley more, then be sure to contact me and I will be happy to walk to the center of yourself with you. Dream well and deep when you sleep. Love from Rose. 

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