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Beating the Ears, Hands at the Heart

  Small Boy at the River. Recently, while I swam near Riven Rock Park, a little boy, just shy of three years, went walking up the gurgling riverbed with both his parents, leaving us at the swimming hole with his … Continue reading

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Labyrinth and Leprechaun

He feels like he is not getting anyplace but dreamed of two places and they were marked with an x in his dream. The only place that came to mind was the Labyrinths and as there were two in his … Continue reading

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Leprechaun Story 7

Leprechaun Story 7 He got up early in the morning to see if he could find the mines, on another day, fresh and new. This time he found himself in the wetlands.   He followed a stream and came to … Continue reading

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Soup and the Leprechaun Story 6

Leprechaun Story 6 The next morning he was interrupted by his wife, Mariah, who wanted him to help her put a bed skirt on the bed. He felt it was a profoundly unmanly thing in the first place and “a … Continue reading

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Wolfe Street and Leprechaun Story 5

May is a beautiful month in Ireland, when all the “May bushes” are in bloom with white blossoms in all the hedges, under which the lambs are cavorting and gamboling. The huge wheels of pale primroses, on the dark mossy … Continue reading

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Beyond Good and Evil

Half way through my meditation, I had a thought about the person who drives by my deck and shouts something to me. I have strong feeling about this “space invasion.” Some years ago, while on my deck meditating, thinking about … Continue reading

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