Interpreting a Watercolor

Interpreting of a Drawing with the Leprechaun, Uisneach.

When he was not out foraging, and looking at bees in the flowers,  he liked to paint with watercolors. He had a place in the attic for this activity. When he had them interpreted, his wife liked to pour over them. He often slept through the best of the interpreting talk. After an initial start, of throwing water and paint at the paper, over the course of a week or two, the drawing developed, with brushes and with watercolors.


Unconscious Drawing

Sometimes Mariah would bring his drawings to The Interpreters, who had a gift of interpreting and describing the drawings. They lived in a community, where they enjoyed freedom to interpret. They had a drawing over the door with some words that were not clear to Uisneach.

Description and Interpretation of drawing by Interpreters

At the outside I see a sword on the left and one on the right. The swords asks “What has been going on here up until now” and “where are you going now.” The former question is hot and red and the latter is blue and cool. Intellect and instincts are together in the drawing.The swords are situated on either side of the drawing.

The big mask of the Persona has been left aside, in this drawing. The eye on the left is still letting off steam. It is looking into the past. The mouth looks like a whole country when you look in there.

photo 2-13

The Mask

In the crescent moon, is a person, whose heads have been taken off as many times as the heads grew back, by the angel standing above the crescent moon. The angel has taken off the ever growing heads with swipes of the sword. In this work, when another head grew, he threw it in the corner at right bottom. There are many different versions of heads, thrown around the place, little red heads, “seven heads with ten horns.” Some are still animated but on the periphery, at the top center. On the body, in the crescent moon, is a young girls face that is upside down. She represents soul.

photo 1-39

In the crescent

On the wing, which also looks like a river is a woman’s head, and she looks asleep, an Ophelia type, that still has to wake up. She is headed toward the Homunculus. She will wake up and be helpful when she falls in there.

photo 3-34

What looks like the wing on the angel’s right side is a depiction of Sophia, Mary or Goddess, who is looking into the crescent moon from her blue hooded head. She is putting full attention on this part of the picture and will be inordinately helpful.

photo 2-31

The virginal face in blue looking into upside down face.

Filling up the right bottom area is a male and female figure looking into a contained vessel, with interest and concern on their faces. They are surrounding the Homunculus. Down inside there are beings in exultation, waving their arms in the air. Their heads may be missing. The three red, hanging fingers need some attention too.

The wheels under the crescent red moon, are Ezekiel’s wheels. There are two of them. They are getting things moving.

photo 3-33

Ezekiel’s wheels

The angel, with impassive face, has a wing spread out to the right of the picture.

photo 5-19

The right sides of the hearts are lighter than the left sides. Something between the hearts, possibly, keeping them from lining up.

photo 2-32

Green Hearts

The top left is filled with green sea creatures, alert and alive. That green on the top left, is part of the whole picture, foundational energies, underpinning the beginning of something new.

photo 3-31


The blood red is that of sacrifice, of giving up in order to gain the inter dimensional space to get to the place of getting back into the garden, heaven, which is all around about us.

They were all tired after this interpretation and has some tea to revive them.


The end

When Rose woke up the next morning, she set about looking at her art piece and interpreting it.

She went around and around and in the end, embraced it, as having come from her unconscious, happy that she had not involved her conscious mind in the process of drawing.

A sense of contentment came over her as she settled in meditation. At the end she felt a line of white energy streams encircling her trunk, making a bright space in her day. She finished up meditation with some prayers for her relatives who live near Manchester. The little bit of news she heard that morning, was terrible news from that city. She was not sure if she is listening to the right news but she is sure she is saying the right prayers.

And if you want to bring your scratching that look like drawings, and your dreams that are tall tales, please bring them to me in my front room where I will be happy to be the Dream Analyst to your question and answer swords.

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  1. Seosamh says:

    “To see the world in a grain of sand” or in watercolour.


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