Labyrinth 2 and the Round Tower

Labyrinth 2 and the Round Tower

photo 5-28

Pot of Gold Watercolor

The Leprechaun was sitting out having a cup of tea before going on walkabout to find gold and had a chance to watch the cats on their daily rounds.

A tiger striped cat was following a rather large rabbit across the clearing. When the rabbit stopped, the cat stopped and stayed motionless unless his tail tip was doing a little rattlesnake move, the last inch of tail shuddering in excitement, winding him self up like the old cars getting started. His Kundalini energy ran all the way out to the end of his tail. At which time he watched the rabbit intensely. Then he would relax and look at the Uisneach with a Cheshire cat look, almost like a smile. Then the cat was back with the large rabbit, which was now watching the Leprechaun and the cat. The rabbit’s head was into a totally turned around position, looking back and to his right, with one ear curved around and the other straight up, listening and watching at the same time. Then when the cat decided to make his move, he crouched low, with tail out behind in a straight line with his back low and rigid, and his paws pacing and beginning to move faster toward the rabbit, moving fast but trying to look like he is not moving. The rabbit came out of his staring stupor and raced away, the white tail flashing both. The cat did not even bother to cross the path after it. Uisneach smiled to himself as he thought of the cat’s ability to pay attention and relax alternatively. He as sure he got more done when he did the same thing. He thought it is time to concentrate now and he went on his way toward where he would find the second Labyrinth.

photo 1-52

The Labyrinth at JUM

He had to cross a huge ravine and waterfall and get past schools of learning called the hedge schools. They knew nothing of looking for gold.

photo 1-54

Overlook at Blackwater Falls

It was a long journey and on the way he listened to some musicians singing about “Honeycomb hearts” and “The Secret to Happiness isn’t a secret at all” and to the one he liked the best called “You have no idea how beautiful you are.” It was all part of the festival.

photo 2-41

Annabeth and Eric playing at the Festival

These marvelous tones and music happened near one of the Round Towers, which had the ability to lift him right out of himself. In fact, he found himself flying to the Labyrinth in a dream.

Two people were there again with maps and with notebooks. They talked of the ability of the towers to project the sound out to outer space and to other peoples as well as to store the music in their stones. When he came back to himself he heard the most in-tune sounds, huge notes coming right out of the stones, coming up through the tower as he floated down.

photo 3-44

He was surprised to find the concert all over and he was alone by himself. He met a little woman with yellow snail box eyes and she gave him some mushrooms and had the blue bird show him the way to the Labyrinth.

At the Labyrinth he only half saw some evening shadows in the sunlight.

photo 3-43

He knew he better start for home before it got too dark. That night he dreamed of his old lost dog that came back to him one last time. The dog was very tired and got into his arms in the bed and he held this little ball of fur, as he got ready to leave this life.

photo 5-26

Honeycomb Heart

Uisneach held him in his honey comb heart, until he took his last breaths. When the dog died in his arms he woke up and  was profoundly sad but was happy to be the midwife for his doggy friend going to Doggy Heaven. The dog’s name was Corwin.

The End

When Rose got up that morning she felt she had battled through the night with angels walking up and down on her tying to loosen her out of her stiffness, as they opened stones of sound into her body. She was reluctant to let go of her tightness as it was all that kept her together at times.

photo 3-41

The neighbor struggling with the Lawn

When she went out on the porch to get started on her writing she was highly amused to watch a neighbor struggle with his mower. The lawnmower was inclined to stop, and had a number of times. Then finally it gave out as he was near the incline and down over a wall and he just flung it over into his neighbor’s yard after it stopped and it landed upside down. He got down after it and said “f…er” a few times, while he gestured and swung around his arms and righted it up. He then wheeled it away, looking furtively here and there to make sure no body saw or heard anything. She could barely control her laughter, looking to make sure he did not hear her. She was left amused and musing about how she is like her neighbor and how to let go of all that is in the way of her moving toward love.

photo 1-50

Hearts on the Hat made by Jackie.

The old patterns may be recognized and stopped in their tracks but they are there, ready to wriggle into movement should she forget the pain they cause herself and others. Would she gain obedience through the things she suffers at her own hands? She is waiting for the heart of who she really is to assert itself and so conquer such cursing and throwing around things carelessly at those near her with her words. She is not without shadow and sin. Being totally right can be so wrong sometimes, embodying a mood that serves no one.

If you have some dreams where your images are showing you as drowned under your emotions, or are showing  you images of your man as drowned, or encased in ice, but still alive, or if your lost dog comes to die in you beautiful arms and in your honey comb heart, be sure to contact me, so you can fan the inner energies into the flame of enlightenment. There is nothing I like better than focusing and relaxing as I work through the unique gifts of the unconscious, many and varied as they are. I look forward to hearing from you. Love from Rose.

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