Right Side of Brain Exercise and The Dream Leaflet

Doing a Mandala or any random artwork is a Right Side of the Brain Exercise.

photo 4-28

Right Side of Brain Exercise

You can do a little mandala by drawing a circle with a cup (a teacup mandala) or a bigger one by drawing one with a plate about the size of your face. You then have absolute freedom to use whatever supplies you want to color, to draw, to be abstract or specific. I love color pencils but crayons or markers will also work. It is a safe place for us, contained by that beautiful circle.


Right Side of Brain Exercises. Total freedom within and outside circle.

Doing a Right side of the Brain Exercise is a way for the body to change from being in the Sympathetic side of our bodies, which is flight or fight mode, stressed and angry, to the parasympathetic side where the vagus nerve is activated and we digest our food and attain restful sleep. They are mutually exclusive functions in the body so you really want to get into the relaxed, parasympathetic as much as possible.

The following is an example of a doodle I did while at a meeting. I did not even intend to do it but the doodle brought out some marvelous feelings from deep down. I laughed right out when I looked at it this morning. It is of course me, with a pot of things over my head. I need to leave them down and I think I have this week. The pot is full of attitude as is my face in the doodle.

photo 1-65

Something over my head and something unstable under my foot. I better watch out. I went through an intense week but feel the pot and the thing under foot are in different places now.

Art and Mandala are a way to relax, of quieting down the mind, moving into the present moment. It allows the right side of brain to put away all the trauma and stress of the day, as that is what the Right Side of the brain does best for you. Once the drawing is done you will be in a different space.

Here are some examples, from my right side of the brain exercises, completed over the past years since I started recording dreams on the Dream Leaflet. The right side of the brain is made to take the cloud of stress, above our heads, created by our attitudes to our daily life, and our negative thoughts and file them away. We create our emotions from our thoughts about our daily life which in turn affects the levels of our stress hormones within us.

photo 2-51

Right side of brain exercises done with color pencils and charcoal on top far left.

These are a number from a large selection I have, as I have been using the leaflet since 2011, when I copyrighted my Dream Leaflet.

The Dream Leaflet is the heart of my therapy. I have decided to make it available to those who want to get started on their dreams. I plan to send out 5 leaflets in an envelope so that you dreamers will have an opportunity to work psychoanalytically through dream work. After you fill out as much as you can of the Dream Leaflet, it can be sent to me for a consultation. Fees and rates are on the home page. Face to face sessions can also be scheduled.

Contact me through this web sight.

I am very tickled with my web site for dreams and with my rose bushes, which have been growing for a few years now. I pruned my roses recently when a later frost killed all the new growth on them. Just a few short weeks later this is what they are giving me and I am profoundly grateful to the three bushes. I might even become air borne while looking at them. And the smell could lift me into outer space. I will also be pretty excited to work with you and your dreams.

photo 1-57

The view the roses have at dawn – natural mandala created by sun in trees.

 And if you want to prune some things to get yourself to sprout the finest roses all over you, and in your heart, be sure to consider getting the dream leaflet sent to you to fill out. I will send it asap and you can consider sending it back to me for comment, questions, and other sorts of shaping that will not only make for beautiful spiritual smells but also a tree pruned in the most advantageous way for the soul. Love from Rose.


photo 1-59

In dream work we look for our own shadow

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