A Prickly Dream


photo 1-25

The evening sky from the Labyrinth at EMU, Harrisonburg, Virginia

It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood. My cactus flower is completing the circle of little red flowers around its crown and they are of such a delicate color of red. They only open in the sunlight. It produces one ring of flowers each year as it grows upwards. I got it in the market a few years ago from Port Farm Owner and I look forward to this blooming yearly.

photo 2-15

The prickly cactus with flowers from heaven all around its crown


I am in Ireland and there is a big fish in a tin bathtub with lots of colorful stickers on it. It is dead. Later I see the fish on the ground, minus the stickers and I have to step over it and am struck with the fear, that it is still alive and will make a swipe at me, as I go past. I notice I will have to clean it out and see a large safety pin, like that on a kilt, inside the fish’s skin. The fish is also looking a little bloated, as if cleaning out needs to happen soon. I am flirting with a man as well, maybe the fish catcher, but I hid behind my current relationship by saying, “I am with X” even as we are physically very close.

photo 4-11

Drawing of the Dream with fish images and couple. The two sides of the tail may represent left and right side of brain. 

I had this dream after I meditated, after 3am. During that time of meditation, I thought about an earlier upset I had relating to a phone message that I thought was hostile to me. I connected it to Karma. Say for instance I did something terrible to someone in this life or a previous life, and then when I meet them again in this life, things will not go so smoothly. That is Karma. Lots of these interactions send me into a tail spin. Some debts are involved, especially if, I am accused of something I think did not do. I am still running back and forth with defending myself this morning but managed to paint two pictures and find the image of the beast from the last dream. (See previous dream about the ego and beastie.) I think that the images in this morning’s art, in their own abstract way depict my unconscious, with the fish images in the mix as well as the flirting man and woman.

As I studied about the right and left brain this morning, and connect it to this dream, I see that I am in left brain as I defend, argue and try and get the better of the person involved. I move to the right brain when I want to be helpful and consider how I will listen and respond, with a view to helping the person. Patience will be helpful in connecting into the right side of brain. The Pituitary Gland is between the right and left brain. The angel of this gland will be happy if I hold the left and right together, so that the highway of my desires, to be helpful, to love, be thankful will create a censor of prayers that will connect the both. And if I give in and gossip windily about that person, it will not be helpful to either of us, and the censor is broken. Our angel of the Pituitary throws fire into the censor and throws it to earth so we can start over again on the morrow, with our job of uniting the right and left brain open again to us.

photo 5-3

This picture was completed some years ago when I was studying the right and left side of the brain. It is a marvelous depiction of how both send down a message into the body depending on our thoughts and desires. My thought were running more left at the top according to this picture. 

I have no permission to have a secret agenda within, with thoughts of how to put the person down, to be one up on her. I know I can do this. It is the un-cleaned out fish, with the safety pin inside, ready to stick and swipe me at any time if I do not being my awareness up and accept any and all things that happen to me. May I get that man in my dreams, with whom I am flirting, my inner masculine side, the animus, to help me clean out the fish. May I rely on my own inner energies to help me, by painting and writing and caring for my self.  No time to be lost on the mental gymnastics that get me no where. The fish is very big, at least my size. He is the beast from previous dream, changed into a fish that has to be cleaned out. I still have some fear of it, but I am being careful to step over it, as I examine what has to be done. Stepping over the phone call, not reacting to it, will be very helpful to me too. The pretty stickers no longer in evidence and work to be done.

photo 2-16

Scary beast from previous posting, representing the point of view of the ego

I am now offering my Dream Leaflet, and you can see details at the bottom half of my Home Page. I do hope you will consider this work of individuation, of bringing both sides of the brain together in yourself, through dream work. Dreams have always been considered as the unopened letters to ourselves from our unconscious. This work is not for everyone, but there are a number of you out there that will benefit enormously from focusing on the inner life. It gives me great pleasure to do so. It is the work of my hands. I am also seeing people at my home office to work individually on the dream work as it comes up and morphs and beings us into alignment and into an understanding of our chakras and their interface with the spiritual potential in us.


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